Albeit NEW MUTANTS #2's story feels a tad fast, the fun space adventure continues to be a must read X-title!

Review: NEW MUTANTS #2 – Space Jail Never Looked So Fun

Join Marvel Comics’ New Mutants as they battle the space legal system and join the Imperial Service this Wednesday in NEW MUTANTS #2!

That’s putting it lightly!

Court Date For The New Mutants!

What’s better than fighting aliens in space with your fists? Fighting aliens in space through the legal system! Well, it would be, if you had a reliable space lawyer (unlike the New Mutants, whose space lawyer should lose their license). Speaking of whom, is there any chance we could get a spin-off featuring the lawyer in New Mutants #2? Because – albeit short – the courtroom scene in this issue was hilariously great!

Jonathan Hickman and Ed Brisson start New Mutants #2 a few weeks after the previous issue (review here) with Bobby da Costa regaling said events. Although the series revolves around the team, the writing duo focuses more on da Costa throughout this issue. When Sam comes into the picture, who was the reason they went to space in the first place, this focus is especially strong. And you would think Sam’s rescue should essentially conclude this story arc, right? Nope, the New Mutants are now tasked with helping in the Imperial Service.

Hickman and Brisson’s story is fast-paced, essentially feeling as if multiple story lines were shoved into one issue. At times this pacing feels natural, but other moments the duo should’ve lingered longer, or focused more on the team itself. The first issue maximized the team by focusing the story around them while making them feel like a family, whereas New Mutants #2 reads like a Bobby and Sam spin-off.

Art by Rod Reis, Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham

A Little Less Action, A Little More Conversation

New Mutants #1 had bombastic space-faring action, with zips, zaps, and spectacular sword fights galore! Issue two includes just one hyper impactful punch (as brutal as the famous “one punch” Guy Gardner received from Batman). This impact is felt due to Rod Reis’ phenomenal art. Even in a single panel, where only a punch is thrown, Reis’ chaotically wonderful art shines through. Reis gives said panel such ferocity that he may have punched the readers themselves.

The remainder of New Mutants #2 is void of violence, yet the energy Reis’ pencils provide in character-centric panels still speaks volumes. Each character’s action speaks just as loud as their words. When the plot calls for characters standing/sitting around, Reis’ adds varying amounts of angles and poses that help give high-end energy that breathes life into the characters. This energy is carried into the colors, which Reis also handles. The colors continue looking watercolor-esque, which is absolutely jaw-dropping. As mentioned with the punch, Reis’ uses colors to help portray emotions and impact.

Seeing that New Mutants #2 doesn’t contain as much action as the previous issue, there aren’t many moments for sound effects. But nonetheless, Travis Lanham’s lettering continues to help carry New Mutants. This is due to Lanham’s playing with fonts, and by changing sizes and colors. Most importantly, Lanham’s bubble placement creates perfect flow. In no panel did the dialogue clash with what was being portrayed. Instead, they help guide the reader through the page.

Art by Rod Reis, Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham


The story beats in New Mutants #2 feels a bit too fast, as each moment whizzes by. When you finally get your head wrapped around a moment, it’s over. If the duo had slowed down the pacing in some moments, giving the story time to breath, the flow would have benefited greatly. Besides that small speed factor, New Mutants continues to be an amazing series, with Reis’ art being a standout.

Memorable Quote: “I think I’m in Love.” – Bobby da Costa

I completely agree with you, Bobby!

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Albeit NEW MUTANTS #2's story feels a tad fast, the fun space adventure continues to be a must read X-title!Review: NEW MUTANTS #2 - Space Jail Never Looked So Fun