Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 is an entertaining and funny issue, one that isn't afraid to pull in elements from the real world, and have a bit of fun with them in the process. All of which is made all the better, thanks to the bright artwork that really goes with the flow.

Review: Chaos, Resumes, and Social Media in MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1

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MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1, available Wednesday March 3 from IDW, is about to bring two iconic heroes together for a highly unique tale. It’s a tale that brings in concerns of the modern age. Namely, social media.

Look at Chewy on that leash!

Is it true? Is Captain Marvel really getting another Marvel Action series? Well, yes! She is. Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 kicks off an all-new series, featuring a beloved heroine, her stubborn flerken, and all of her allies.

Given that this is Marvel Action we’re talking about, we already know that this series is going to be both light and approachable. It’s perfect for all ages, but especially for those readers out there that could use a bit of a break from all the doom and gloom.

And you just know that this issue is going to be full of humor. How could it not be, when the core concept revolves around Captain Marvel, queen workaholic, trying to take a vacation? A vacation ordered by her best friend, mind you.

Enter young Gwen, aka Ghost-Spider, a fan of Chewy, and a great potential candidate for Carol’s new program.

The Writing

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 is a lot of fun, thanks to Sam Maggs’ writing. It’s light and not afraid to get a little silly at times. Hard to believe, I know. But even somebody like Carol Danvers has a silly side. Probably.

The issue starts off with the highly entertaining concept of Carol taking Chewy for a walk (on a leash and everything) and quickly escalates from there. It’s exactly the sort of chaos one would expect from somebody promising to have a ‘relaxing vacation.’

That is to say, Maggs threw everything in Carol’s way, but did so in the most amusing ways possible. These scenes involved several other iconic Marvel ladies, including Ghost-Spider, Squirrel Girl, and Ms. Marvel. That alone makes it worth the read, don’t you think?

All things considered, this isn’t a plot that dives too deeply into character growth, drama, or any of the heavier concepts that Marvel loves to play with. And that’s not a bad thing. It makes for a bright break from the norm and is diverting and comical in its own right.

I would like to mention how refreshing it is to see social media handled in such an open way. Maggs played with the concept of superheroes (especially the younger ones) living in a world full of social media. This also opened the door to (briefly) touch upon the dark side of that subject: the comments section.

So much for Carol’s vacation, huh?

The Art

As much fun as Maggs must have had when writing, Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1, the artists also seemed to really enjoy their work here. Mario Del Pennino (layout artist), Isabel Escalante (inks), and Heather Breckel (colors) were all involved in this project, and they really let so much personality shine through.

The scenes portrayed in this issue are all lighter in tone, matching the writing perfectly. They portray everything from bubbly and BFF vibes, to chaotic fun. Am I giving them bonus points for creating a scene where Chewy somehow not only got leashed, but happily walked through New York City? Yes. Am I okay with that fact? Also yes.

The character and costume designs are another noteworthy feature. Right away readers can tell when something is off, and that really does heighten the whole experience. As do the occasionally over-the-top reactions that occur.

Something seems…off here…


Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 is a fun and light read, one that is perfect for anybody looking for a bit of a break. Or a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor. Either way, it’ll get you laughing at the antics of this crew.

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