Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 is a fun issue with an amusing plot and bright artwork.

How Carol Deals with a Swarm in MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1

Ever wonder how Captain Marvel would deal with a swarm of creatures? Well, wonder no more, for MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 out this week from IDW answers that question. This issue is a fun and lighter take on the beloved character, with a story perfect for all ages.

Captain Marvel is ready for a fight in Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1.


Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 is clearly a lighter take on the heroine so many know and love. But that’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s just fun to see Carol taking on something on a smaller (or more humorous) scale.


This issue brings together so many of the best elements in Captain Marvel. And adds on bits that any teenager or young adult will appreciate; sleepovers, scary movies, and BFFs. What more could we possibly hope for?

The plot of course. Because all of what was mentioned above was merely the fun setting before a curveball was thrown at poor Carol. It looks like her movie night wasn’t meant to be. At least they managed to get through one scary movie before things blew up.

Chewie takes center stage on this alternate cover of Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1

Sam Maggs clearly had a lot of fun writing this issue. They took one of the iconic (and oft-overlooked) supporting characters in Carol’s story and really ran away with the idea. It’s a bit of a silly plot, at times. But in a way that’s all in good fun. And let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like a swam of kitties? Except, you know…they’re not actually cats.

This issue will make fans chuckle. And, as mentioned above, it’s friendly for readers of all ages. The violence is toned down to be palatable for kids, but the plot itself isn’t immature (or at least, not so much as to be off-putting for older readers).

You can tell this creative team had a blast with this plot.

Our artists also had a lot of fun creating this issue, by the look of things. Sweeney Book was the lead artist, with Brittany Peer providing the coloring. Together they brought us some truly hilarious pages to enjoy.

Carol was drawn a little shorter than normal, leaning towards an almost cartoonish appearance (but not quite). Really, they were going for making her look younger and cuter. And it worked. Her expressions were comical, and very clearly Carol regardless.

The latter pages are where this issue really stands out. The swarm of creatures does resemble a certain character (Chewie), which understandably resulted in readers immediately jumping to some conclusions about their nature.

The last panel was the highlight of this issue, showing off some brilliant artwork as well as the more humorous side of the plot.

Time for a movie night in between two BFFs.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 is a fun and light read. It’s perfect for Captain Marvel fans that are looking for a bit of an escape from the real world. Or for fans of Chewie who just want to see more Flerken chaos.

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Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #1 is a fun issue with an amusing plot and bright artwork. How Carol Deals with a Swarm in MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #1