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From the DC Extended Universe to Universal’s Dark Universe, it feels like Dwayne Johnson is constantly rumored or attached to yet another franchise role. Since his big-screen debut way back in 2001’s The Mummy Returns, the wrestler-turned-actor has become one of the most beloved and profitable movie stars of the modern age. So it’s no wonder that every franchise is anxious to get into business with him. In just the past few years alone, Johnson has lent his impressive star power and boundless likeability to a number of franchises, boosting their performance considerably. Let’s look at some properties that have gotten to smell what The Rock is cooking.

1Fast Five (2011)

Before Johnson joined stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in this film, Fast & Furious — the fourth installment in the series — was a solid performer at the box office but didn’t exactly reinvigorate the aging franchise. However, Johnson’s fan-favorite role as the agent out to take down Dom and his crew led Fast Five and its sequels to unforeseen new heights, both critically and commercially. Now a spinoff film for Johnson and co-star Jason Statham (another late addition to the series) looks to capitalize on this popularity even further.

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