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Capcom’s Blue Bomber will soon be getting his own film. It’s been reported that 20th Century Fox, in association with Chenin Entertainment, will be working together to help Mega Man warp onto the big screen. No details about whether this will be live action or  animated feature.

Fans should be cautiously optimistic about this announcement. Though 20th Century Fox did do a number on Fantastic Four this year, the fact there is any focus on Mega Man should be welcomed. Other than his addition to Smash Bros. last year, Mega Man has not be getting a lot of love, with his last game coming out in 2010. There were rumors back in June that an animated series by Man of Action, the creator of Ben 10, was in the works for 2017. Hopefully, between the series and the new film, there will be enough of a reaction that Capcom will do more for Mega Man than release another anniversary collection.

Fans that are truly excited by this news and can’t wait for the film do have another option. A fan film by Eddie Lebron exits, showcasing a true love and loyalty to the games that it is based on. With any luck this will hold you over until more news surfaces.

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The film will help celebrate Mega Man’s 30th anniversary. Let’s hope its better than his 25th anniversary, where all Capcom really did was put him in Street Fighter X Tekken looking like his old Nintendo box art. Yeah you know you like to forget it happened, but it did.

megaman box art in tekken