Lucy Claire: Redemption #3 is an intense issue full of sharp character development and stunning artwork.

Loss and Determination in LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #3

LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #3, out this Wednesday from Image Comics continues the dramatic tale of a disgraced werewolf hunter, laying out all of her pain and guilt while building the tension for what is to come.

Iconic and relevant imagery for the cover of Lucy Claire: Redemption #3.


Lucy Claire: Redemption has been a chilling and thrilling read so far. This werewolf hunting series is one that stands out among the pack (pun intended) and with good reason. Lucy Claire is a disgraced werewolf hunter, one who carries her loss and guilt on her slim shoulders.

One of the things that make this series so impressive is that it is written, illustrated, and lettered by only one person: John Upchurch. This is without a doubt a labor of love, albeit a labor of love full of violence and tense backstory.

The alternate cover for Lucy Claire: Redemption #3 gives a glimpse at the new antagonist she’s about to face.

The Plot

Lucy Claire: Redemption #3 picks up exactly where the last issue left off. The battle in the dump has just ended, and Lucy is not certain about what she just witnessed. Given everything she’s been through lately; we don’t blame her for not trusting her own senses.

One thing is certain, that’s one heck of a way to start off an issue. It wasted no time throwing readers into the thick of things. It also truly set the pace for the rest of the issue. Everything quickly rolled from one moment to the next.

This is another one of those carefully balanced issues. On the one hand, there’s plenty of action and gore to go around. On the other hand, there’s the fragile creature that is Lucy’s mental and emotional state. The two bounce off each other to shockingly great effect, resulting in a tale that is full of drama and impact.

The final battle portrayed in this issue is an intense one, but it goes deeper than that as well. It was a well-written series of events. And it left readers eager for the next issue, where the truth of what is really going on will finally (hopefully) be revealed.


The Art

The artwork in Lucy Claire: Redemption #3 is outstanding. The colors are vibrant and lush, the characters full of personality and a range of emotions, and much more. There’s a lot to love about this issue, from the individual panels to the full page spreads.

One highlight of this issue has got to be the fight scenes. There are two fights in this issue, though both are dramatically different from one another. Both have interesting setups, but neither would have carried the same weight without the artwork to support it. There’s this real sense of danger, thanks to the creatures being portrayed. You can get a sense of movement and impact as well – something that will make you wince with sympathy a time or two.

The variety of wolves portrayed in this issue (and series as a whole) is another element worth talking about. There’s not one stagnant type of wolf that Lucy is battling here. The variety in itself adds a certain amount of visual appeal, and that’s before taking into account the more ephemeral way the larger beasts are drawn. That just takes the series (and its antagonists) to a whole new level.

A peek at the cover for Lucy Claire: Redemption #4.

In Conclusion

Lucy Claire: Redemption #3 is another intense read in this series. Honestly, it’s hard to believe that we’re only three issues in, given how much has occurred. This is a thrilling tale that sets the werewolves and werewolf hunters on a completely different path than the norm. All by adding shocking twists and turns at every opportunity.

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Loss and Determination in LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #3Lucy Claire: Redemption #3 is an intense issue full of sharp character development and stunning artwork.