Lucy Claire: Redemption #2 is a brilliant and bold issue, full of intense character backstory and brutal fights.

A New Wave of Violence and Danger in LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #2

LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #2 out this Wednesday from Image Comics has upped the ante on the werewolf attacks. This bloody tale is full of past loss and regret and is already proving to be an emotionally compelling read.

Lucy Claire is not a woman to be intimidated, if this cover of Lucy Claire: Redemption #2 is anything to go by.


When you picture a werewolf hunter, what comes to mind? Odds are pretty good that you’re picturing anything and anyone besides Lucy Claire. She’s a retired and disgraced hunter, one who has let her past drown her since.

But time waits for no man (or woman). So when the werewolves are back in town, there isn’t enough time for Lucy Claire to get herself back to her top mode of fighting. No, there’s too much threat in the air for that.

Green werewolves…that’s new!

The Plot

Lucy Claire: Redemption #2 is an impressive feat of storytelling. Written by John Upchurch, this issue is surprisingly complex. It deals with emotional trauma in an intense yet respectful manner. And all while building the tension due to the rising danger.

There’s no doubt that Lucy Claire was born and bred to kill werewolves. The last issue made that much clear. But now we’re getting a better understanding of what that took – and how far she’s fallen since then.

Saying she’s fallen is putting it too simply. The emotional toll on Lucy Claire is a heavy one. The pain and trauma she’s still working through are evident on these pages – it’s inescapable and goes so far as to explain her behavior.

Lucy Claire: Redemption #2 showcased the true danger of the werewolves. As it turns out, they’re a much more complicated threat than one would imagine – which is saying something. They’re raw and brutal, and that’s really only the beginning of what is to come.

To balance out the intensity and emotional impact of this issue, there are a few lighter moments woven throughout. Most of these pertain to character interactions. But it’s also nice to see Lucy being more human and balanced.

The Art

Lucy Claire: Redemption #2 as is full of brilliant artwork as it is plot. An impressive feat, especially considering that John Upchurch provided all of the artwork as well. Yes, that’s right. Everything from the lines, to the coloring and lettering, was provided by a single person. No wonder the whole piece looks so cohesive!

The style in Lucy Claire is not to be ignored. The characters feel so alive, with their facial expressions showing even the tiniest of detail. Then there are the backgrounds, which are detailed and yet stylized – a perfect blend and backdrop, all things considered.

Then there are the werewolves. They’re delightfully threatening, though in this issue they’re also significantly altered. It may be surprising to see a bunch of green beasts running around, but it also felt oddly at home on these pages.

It’s probably worth mentioning that the fighting it brutal and efficient. There is flash and gore – of course, there is. But it’s also well planned, and carefully portrayed. The fights are not pages and pages long but instead fit nicely inside several pages –showing how a brutal battle tends to likewise be over quickly.

In Conclusion

Lucy Claire: Redemption #2 was an intense continuation of the series. The ante has officially been upped, with the werewolves gaining more threat with each passing moment. Meanwhile, Lucy is still clearly on a rocky road, and it’s probably safe to assume that this will cause her more trouble along the way.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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A New Wave of Violence and Danger in LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #2Lucy Claire: Redemption #2 is a brilliant and bold issue, full of intense character backstory and brutal fights.