Lucy Claire: Redemption is a dramatic and beautiful start to a brand new thrilling series.

How Far She’s Fallen In LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #1

LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #1 is the first in an all-new series from Image Comics, coming out this Wednesday. Lucy Claire: famous wolf hunter. Only, not. She’s disgraced and retired. And as it turns out, she’s desperately needed once again.

Lucy Claire: famous werewolf hunter. A legend to most. And still very dangerous.


Are you a fan of werewolves and violence? What about sass, snark, and satire? Then the odds are fairly good that you’re going to enjoy Image Comics’ latest series, Lucy Claire: Redemption. Written and illustrated by John Upchurch, this is a series that’s already getting a serious amount of ink.

And with good reason. Lucy Claire: Redemption #1 is an intense and graphic introduction into a world where werewolf hunters become things of legend. Assuming they do it well that is, rather than merely becoming another snack for a hungry wolf.

A bunch of rookie hunters…because that will go so well.

The Plot

Lucy Claire: Redemption #1 wastes no time in throwing readers into the thick of things. This issue features several perspectives and points in time, all of which give us an idea of the bigger picture. And that larger picture is a grim one.

Once upon a time, Lucy Claire was the best wolf hunter in town. Then all the wolves went away, or so the people thought. That was all good and fine since Lucy herself seemed to disappear into legend. Like all legends, that means nobody could agree on what actually happened to her.

Enter the beautiful (and slightly concerning) imagery that is Lucy’s past.


As it turns out, Lucy isn’t so far gone as people might have thought. And once again, that’s a good thing. Because the wolves aren’t gone either. And they’re hungry for violence. Or for people. Take your pick.

And that is the world that John Upchurch has thrown at us. It’s dark and morbid, full of dangerous characters. Lucy herself is clearly not in a great mental state, a fact that Upchurch has only begun to explain to us.

Lucy’s character is put in harsh juxtaposition to the wanna-be hunters shown. They’re young and oh so full of hope. Oh, and they’re desperate to save lives. And then there’s Lucy, she’s tired and jaded, and she’s content with smashing a wolf if she sees one.

This plot is already proving to be delightfully compelling, thanks to the characters and hints liberally strewn around about their backstories. And by all appearances, the plot is only going to get thicker from here.

It’s impressive how much Upchurch was able to fit inside a single issue. There are several scene shifts, and each new scene provides a better understanding. But that also requires more planning and thought – which apparently Upchurch has an abundance of. No wonder people are talking about this series so much.

Nothing like waking up hungover in a prison cell.

The Artwork

And then there’s the artwork itself. Lucy Claire: Redemption #1 is as effervescent and beautifully drawn as it is dark and foreboding. If you want an idea of what is in store for you, take a look at the cover. It’s a true representation of what you’ll find in these pages.

Impressively, the color palette changes along with each scene and perspective. This was the right call for a variety of reasons. One important factor is that it helped make each transition very clear. The other is that it got to show off Upchurch’s sense of color. And trust us, that is something to be aware of because he’s got talent.

There’s a lot to love from this issue. Lucy’s flashback is perhaps the most beautiful set of panels to behold, thanks in part to the lovely and warm colors used. Though the setting itself is stunning – even if the images themselves leave fans concerned about the past.

Or perhaps we should talk about the fight scenes, which were quick and brutal. Given that these are werewolves we’re talking about, that’s probably the only way a fight could go down. And thus the fight is both satisfying and oddly realistic.

Once again, it was Upchurch who provided all of the artwork for this issue. Everything from the lines to the colors. And the cohesion alone is noteworthy. The style is spectacular, leaning towards the dynamic sort of lighting that works so well in horror stories.


Lucy Claire: Redemption #1 was a breathtaking start to a new series. Some fans might be asking themselves if all the talk about this series is simply that: talk. But let us put that fear to rest. Lucy Claire: Redemption has already proven to be an outstanding and memorable series. And it’s only one issue in. This is not a series to miss out on. That goes doubly so if you’re a fan of rich character development and brutal fights.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Lucy Claire: Redemption is a dramatic and beautiful start to a brand new thrilling series. How Far She’s Fallen In LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #1