The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #15 is an intense issue, dealing with Kamala's law, other recent events, and Ms. Marvel's emotions all in one. It's a story made all the better thanks to the brilliant artwork.

Kamala’s Decision in THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #15

THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #15, available Wednesday from Marvel comics, comes right at the heels of Champions #1. Kamala Khan is awake, and boy, does she ever have opinions about Kamala’s Law.

The lineup for The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #15.

It’s safe to say that Ms. Marvel has been facing many changes and decisions, as of late. This pattern doesn’t seem to be slowing down, as Kamala and her underage allies make decisions about their rights as heroes.

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #15 is, without a doubt setting up for something more. It is an issue that goes hand and hand with Champions #1 (something fans won’t want to miss), bringing the conflict into a whole new light.


Or, more accurately, shining a light on Kamala’s side of things. She’s been made into a scapegoat, adding insult to injury for the young heroine. It’s almost surreal, in a way, to see the same old argument rear it’s ugly head once again.

Ms. Marvel has become one of the most wanted heroes, by C.R.A.D.L.E. standards.

The Writing

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #15 is a powerful issue, once again showing the heart that resides within Kamala’s series. She’s never been a hero afraid to tackle difficult discussions, which makes her the perfect perspective for Outlawed’s events (and fallout).

Saladin Ahmed’s writing made the complex situation that is Kamala’s life feel so incredibly relatable here. While also reminding fans of everything else that she has gone through in recent times – recently enough where she hasn’t had much if any, time to cope. It’s a relevant reminder and could very well factor into decisions made. If nothing else, it stands to remind us of her character, which never hurts.

This issue is a delicate balance. On the one hand, there’s the raw buildup, the rising tension surrounding C.R.A.D.L.E., and everything it stands for. On the other hand, there’s that reminder of hope. A hope that resonates so beautifully within the Marvel universe and shines through when times are at their worst for heroes.

While the future may be uncertain, one this is clear (and will always be clear), there will always be a hero willing to step up. Right now, that hero is Ms. Marvel, and with her we’ll likely see many Champions standing by her side.

Meanwhile, the reporters want to get their hands on Kamala Khan.

The Art

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #15 is vibrant, and the tension practically vibrates off the pages. Minkyu Jung (art), Juan Velasco (inks), Ian Herring (colors), and VC’s Joe Caramagna (letters) all worked so hard to bring this particular plot to life, and it shows.

This issue had a lot to show and very little time to do so. As such, the artists carried much of that weight, allowing the story to be told to the fullest. The plight is made clear, as is the fact that Kamala isn’t over everything else that has happened this year.

Her emotions and the emotions of many of her friends are all over the place, reacting to events as they happen. The colors themselves seem to reflect that, bringing about a cohesive look. Ironically, even the weather of this issue seems to be an agreement on that.

There’s one especially moving series of events towards the end of this issue. It’ll raise the hearts of many a reader and bring flashbacks to other inspiring moments in Marvel history. The artwork enhanced that entire scene tenfold.

Somehow this welcome back doesn’t feel so…welcoming.


The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #15 is an issue we’ve been waiting for. Yet it also works nicely in regards to another release this week. Together they tell a story that rings a bell to many Marvel fans, yet it still feels different.

Once again, the heroes of a generation are getting a chance to show fans what they are made of, all while being forced to make some of the hardest decisions of their lives.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #15 is an intense issue, dealing with Kamala's law, other recent events, and Ms. Marvel's emotions all in one. It's a story made all the better thanks to the brilliant artwork.Kamala's Decision in THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #15