The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #14 is a beautiful issue, portraying all the good and bad that is in Ms. Marvel's life, all while reminding us of the reasons whys he continues to fight. Combined with brilliant artwork, this is a truly memorable issue.

Coming Back Around in THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #14

THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #14, available Wednesday from Marvel Comics, is an issue that many a fan has been waiting for. The world around her has been changing, and now it’s time for Kamala to make her voice heard.


spoilers ahead

The events of Outlawed changed the superhero world for all those underage – but arguably none more so that Kamala Kahn, aka Ms. Marvel. It all started as another mission for the Champions. Protect an important figure, keep the school safe.

You know, the usual. But only, it ended up being far from usual. Everything went out of control, and fast. While Kamala did succeed in keeping everyone else safe, she took a huge hit. Literally. To make matters worse, the event quickly became politicized.

Hence, Kamala’s Law. The law that keeps underage superheroes from being a thing. Not like it’s the first time superheroes have faced regulations, right? Though this time it’s made to feel more personal, what with Kamala being used as a martyr (the irony cannot be ignored here).

All of that is vital to remember, going into The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #14. This will be the first time Kamala’s perspective has been shown since that fateful event, and that means fans are finally going to get a chance to see how she reacts to it all. It’s a moment we’ve been waiting for, to put it mildly.

Obviously, don’t dive into this issue if you haven’t read Outlawed. Unless you’re okay with spoilers, in which case go right ahead. The issue does a solid job of getting fans up to date, though some details are naturally lost in the process.

The events of Outlawed are about to hit The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #14

The Writing

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #14 is a long-awaited issue. It’s been months since Outlawed #1 came out, and that’s a long time for any fan to wait and see what’s going to happen to their favorite character. Realistically, there was no way that Marvel was going to put somebody like Kamala on the bench for very long, but it’s still refreshing to finally see her side of the story.

After all, Kamala has never been a character afraid to speak her mind. Her perspective to this particular event is vital, due to the fact that it revolves around her – both her superhero and mild-mannered persona.

Saladin Ahmed did an excellent job of juggling multiple elements in this issue. There’s a quick recap, which will also allow fans that missed the event to continue reading Ms. Marvel’s story. It also sets the tone, and puts readers into the right frame of mind.

From there, it’s a series of truly moving events, dreams, and revelations. Ms. Marvel/Kamala has always led a complex life, despite her best efforts. All of that shines through here, and in such detail. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking all in one.

It showed the conflict she deals with on a daily basis. A conflict similar to many other heroes out there, yet with a uniquely Kamala-like twist to it. It’s colored by her history, and her choices (much of which was hinted at throughout this issue).

Every revelation, every moment in this issue felt like it was leading up to something. It all pushed towards Ms. Marvel rising once again. As well as setting the scene for events to come (Champions #1 and Ms. Marvel #15, respectively).

Her memories are rising to the surface.

The Art

Unsurprisingly, the artwork within The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #14 is just as stunning and moving as the plot itself. The artistic team was hard-pressed for this issue, portraying a variety of scenes, with characters and details steadily shifting throughout. It’s somewhat alarming at times, and yet it is also so perfectly suited to the emotional turmoil that Kamala (and her loved ones) is currently going through.

Minkyu Jung (art), Juan Velasco (inks), Ian Herring (colors), and VC’S Joe Caramagna (letters) all worked together to bring this awakening to life. There is literally not a dull moment to be found in this issue. There’s always something to catch the eye.

Be it the stillness of Kamala Khan, laying in her hospital bed. Or the jarring way her friends and family are portrayed in her nightmares. Or any number of details found in between. It all merges together to carry the story, and the tone, and bring readers to the same conclusion.

It’s time to wake up. Wake up, and save the day.


The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #14 is an issue that fans had been waiting some time for. It’s also an issue worth the wait, which is very convenient. This is one of those rare issues that takes a major event and turns it into a deeply personal journey for one character. In that sense, as well as several others, this issue did justice to Kamala’s character.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #14 is a beautiful issue, portraying all the good and bad that is in Ms. Marvel's life, all while reminding us of the reasons whys he continues to fight. Combined with brilliant artwork, this is a truly memorable issue.Coming Back Around in THE MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #14