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Joss Whedon has reportedly left the Batgirl movie, as stated in an exclusive report from SuperBrosMovies.

Although Whedon was originally set to direct the picture, the decision for him to leave was made months ago, per the source. A firm answer isn’t known, but it’s assumed that no announcement was made as Warner Bros. wanted to see how Justice League performed at the box office.

SuperBrosMovies, after deleting the original article breaking the story, had this to say in a tweet:

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On behalf of Warner Bros, we have been asked to delete the article on Joss Whedon no longer directing Batgirl, out of respect for the industry and company we will be. They are preparing to put out an official statement as well.

If this is true, Warner Bros. should be releasing a statement on this rumor. However, nothing has been confirmed yet, so take the report with a grain of salt.

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