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A Boba Fett spinoff film is in the works with Logan director James Mangold writing and directing the project, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Fett was introduced in The Empire Strikes Back and then later seen in Return of the Jedi. His story was further developed in Attack of the Clones, revealing him as a child clone who was raised by Jango Fett. Though a minor role in the series, Fett is regarded as a fan favorite Star Wars character.

Mangold is known for the Oscar nominated Logan, which was up for Best Adapted Screenplay. The film truly showed the humanity in Wolverine and was a beautiful sendoff to the iconic character. If the director can bring that same energy and passion to the Boba Fett film, the Star Wars universe has potential to see a great spinoff revolving around the admired character.

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A past rumor stated that Simon Kinberg was working on a Boba Fett script, and it’s unknown whether this project is the same one. Mangold and Kinberg previously worked together on Logan.

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