Lumberjanes End of Summer #1 is a chaos fueled conclusion to a beloved series, and I wouldn't have it any other way. This bright and spirited tale has been full of colorful characters and events, and so does their ending.

It All Comes Full Circle in LUMBERJANES END OF SUMMER #1

LUMBERJANES END OF SUMMER #1, available Wednesday from BOOM! Studios, brings with it the finale of a beloved series. Still, all good things must come to an end. Even summer camp and all the chaos it contains.

Two of the Lumberjanes veterans working together on this alternate cover.

This is a bittersweet moment for any and all fans of the Lumberjanes. The series is officially coming to an end here, with Lumberjanes End of Summer #1. That being said, it is certainly an ending that does the entire series – and the characters – justice.

More than that, it is always better to see a series conclude properly, than to see it canceled with little to no warning. On the bright side, this is a series that can easily be revisited by any fan, as it will always welcome them back.

The fact that the series will someday air on HBO will hopefully help to soothe any feelings of loss that the fans are dealing with. That and the endearing note included at the end of this issue, which may or may not make you tear up (hint: it will).

Lumberjanes End of Summer #1 is a whopping forty-eight pages, getting just a bit more time to wrap everything up with satisfaction. Our campers, their counselors, and all of the mystical friends they’ve made along the way.

These friends will always be close, especially after all they’ve been through.

The Writing

Lumberjanes End of Summer #1 was written by Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh and it is a whirlwind of an issue, to put it lightly. In many ways, this is an issue that brings the entire series full circle.

The Roanoke Cabin’s final adventure is possibly their biggest yet. At the very least, the stakes have never been higher. As such, there’s plenty of chaos, laughter, and rampant emotions bundled up into the narrative of this tale.

For a moment it almost seemed like Molly’s story was going to take dominance, but this series has always been balanced, and it didn’t take long for the rest of the Lumberjanes (not just Roanokes) to join into the fray.

It was a delight to read, raising hopes, spirits, and so much more before it came to the end. Throw in the excuse to laugh here and there (a feat that only little Ripley could pull off), and it all makes for a memorable conclusion.

A memorable conclusion worthy of this series. While most fans would never have chosen to say goodbye to this series, I can at least honestly say that this is one of the best goodbyes possible. That is something I can’t complain about.

It is also an ending that encourages fans to go back to the beginning and read it all over again. Not because it felt lacking – but because of how tightly it ties back to those very first plot arcs. It’s really quite clever, and leaves everything on a positive note.

Even for the Lumberjanes, having your friend (and girlfriend, in Mal’s case) run off and turn into a deer is…something worth getting worked up about.

The Art

There is no shortage of artists involved in Lumberjanes End of Summer #1. Brooklyn Allen (layouts), Alexa Bosy (art), Kanesha C. Bryant (art), Maarta Laiho (colors), and Aubrey Aiese (letters) all worked together to bring this amazingly spirited issue to fruition.

It’s a colorful and chaotic mess – and I mean that in the best of ways. Lumberjanes has always been full of vibrant colors and characters, running around and causing no end of adventures. All of that is captured in this single issue, as every camper and found friend works together against a common foe.

A common foe that stands out quite spectacularly, thanks to its complete lack of color. Another clever little twist from this series. On the polar opposite of that scale is the appearance of another old friend, one who couldn’t be more colorful if they tried.

All of these elements work together to bring about a look that is classically Lumberjanes. Every little detail, from the wardrobe to the characters, and even the way they react to new challenges. It all resonates, both with the characters, and with the readers.

Do you think Molly can do it? Can she save the day?


Lumberjanes End of Summer #1 is a heartwarming conclusion to a series full of spirit, acceptance, and adventure. This is a conclusion that the fans deserved, though it came with plenty of twists and surprises to keep everyone entertained. All while bringing the story full circle. In the Lumberjanes way, of course.

Cat Wyatt
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It All Comes Full Circle in LUMBERJANES END OF SUMMER #1Lumberjanes End of Summer #1 is a chaos fueled conclusion to a beloved series, and I wouldn't have it any other way. This bright and spirited tale has been full of colorful characters and events, and so does their ending.