Lumberjanes #75 is a bittersweet issue, with the larger size allowing for even more buildup, and one more chance to say goodbye. The characters and artwork are everything that fans could have hoped for.

Chaos and Order Battle in LUMBERJANES #75

LUMBERJANES #75, available today from BOOM! Box, brings fans ever closer to the end as the series begins its final wrap up. Yet there is still one adventure left for these daring campers, naturally.

The characters of Zodiac Cabin take center stage on this variant cover of Lumberjanes #75.

The beloved series that is the Lumberjanes is creeping ever closer to the conclusion, which is a bittersweet thought, to be sure. While so far the ending is proving to be every bit a conclusion the characters and fans deserve, it will still be heartbreaking to see it go.

Lumberjanes #75 is the last issue that works towards setting up the true and proper finale. Next month, Lumberjanes: End of Summer #1 will conclude the series. Make sure that you don’t miss the supersized issue! It’s going to be something else.


There is one happy thought to hold onto here if you’re having trouble accepting the end. Lumberjanes was recently optioned for an HBO series. So far, that’s all it is, but there is hope somewhere on the horizon.

Everyone is in a mad dash to warn their friends of the impending danger.

The Writing

Lumberjanes #75 is a supersized issue, coming in at forty-seven pages. That’s forty-seven pages full of Lumberjanes chaos and fun. Okay, it’s more chaos than fun at the moment, but it’s still an entertaining read through and through.

Written by Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh this issue is literally full of dozens of events and interactions. All of which is leading to the final event, of course — the end of the summer. The Lumberjanes are facing danger like no other, and it’s resulting in all of the characters that they have met, large and small, to come together one final time.

For that reason, it’s a pretty endearing read, seeing so many characters come together. For many, it’s a chance to say goodbye. For others, it’s a reminder of all the reasons why we fell in love with them in the first place.

Leave it to Watters and Leyh to write in such emotionally powerful moments. Yet that is only a fraction of what this issue holds. There are larger revelations found within — implications about the forest itself, and actions taken by the campers.

It would be the understatement of the year to say these actions are doing justice to the characters. Yet it’s also the truth. In many ways, these are things that fans have been waiting for. For years, literally.

And so the word is spread.

The Art

The artwork inside Lumberjanes #75 is bright and happy, a stark contrast to the threat that is sweeping across the land, and the pages. There’s no doubt that the contrast was done intentionally, yet it is still highly effective.

Brooklyn Allen was the lead artist for this issue, and he had his work cut out for him here. Working alongside Allen are Alexa Bosy and Kenesha C. Bryant (inks). Remember all of those characters I mentioned up above? Well, imagine drawing that many, all inside a single issue. In many times, even inside the same page and panels. It’s an impressive feat.

A feat made all the more impressive by their interactions and reactions. The Lumberjanes have never been the type to react quietly, and that shows here. The colors, done by Maarta Laiho, are a strong complement, both to the artwork itself, and to the confident and determined characters.

Finally, it’s Aubrey Aiese’s lettering that ties everything together. There’s a lot going on, obviously, yet it is never difficult to actually following what is happening. Or what is being said. That may sound simple, but it really is impressive, and worth acknowledging.

It is looking like some characters will be more difficult to evacuate than others.


Lumberjanes #75 is a large issue that practically bursts at the seams to tell its story. There is so much going on, and yet it is every bit an event that fans are not going to want to miss out on. It’s heartwarming and intense, all in those perfect proportions that the series has mastered.

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Lumberjanes #75 is a bittersweet issue, with the larger size allowing for even more buildup, and one more chance to say goodbye. The characters and artwork are everything that fans could have hoped for.Chaos and Order Battle in LUMBERJANES #75