Lumberjanes #74 is vibrant and emotional, setting up for the conclusion of the series, all while giving everyone a chance to say goodbye.

Dinosaurs, Mermaids, and Friendship Galore in LUMBERJANES #74

LUMBERJANES #74, available Wednesday from BOOM! Box brings one beloved series ever closer to its conclusion. The End of Summer is nearly here, and that means the campers are working on their last big adventures.

A very endearing variant cover for Lumberjanes #74.

So, there’s some good news, and some bad (read: sad) news about Lumberjanes. We’ll do the sad news first. In case you haven’t heard, Lumberjanes is nearing the end of its series. Considering that it was originally created as an eight-issue run, it’s done pretty well for itself.

All things must come to an end though, even great things. The fun of Lumberjanes will always live on in our hearts. A fact that will probably be made easier by the good news; Lumberjanes has officially been picked up by HBO Max, with Noelle Stevenson (one of the original creators) at the helm.


Realistically, that’s a ways off. At least that will give fans time to finish Lumberjanes, as well as likely rereading the series a time (or two). With that in mind, let’s dive into our review of Lumberjanes #74.

How far do you think Ripley’s scream carried?

The Writing

Lumberjanes #74 continues ‘The End of Summer‘ plot arc, and it is a bittersweet read, of that there is no doubt. Written by Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh, this is an issue designed to wrap up all lingering plots – and to give fans a chance to say goodbye.

Think of all the insane adventures the Roanoak cabin has had over the years. Now, try and count up all the new friends they’ve made along the way…as well as a few enemies, here and there. Now picture trying to find a way to bring it all back together, and you’ll have a decent idea of how massive this current arc is.

This issue has a little bit of something for everyone. There’s chaos, dimension-hopping, dinosaurs, mermaids, friendship, and even a little bit of romance. All while setting the scene for what will surely be the final adventure (one can only assume).

What makes Lumberjanes #74 shine so brightly are the little moments. How each character is holding true, and showcasing what made fans fall in love with them. Even when they didn’t get a lot of screen time in this issue.

A candy eating dinosaur, what are the odds?

The Art

As always, the artwork inside Lumberjanes #74 showcases that iconic style, laying out vibrant groundworks for adventuring. The style may have changed over the years, as artists switch in and out, yet there has always been something so quintessentially ‘Lumberjanes‘ about the style itself.

Kat Leyh is the lead artist, as well as being one of the writers for this plot arc. It feels appropriate, given how everything is coming full circle at the moment. Leyh’s characters seem as spirited as ever, but that’s no surprise. What is intriguing is seeing how old elements are popping back up, but in new ways.

The colors were provided by Maarta Laiho, and it’s the colors that truly set the tone for this issue. From calming backdrops and bright dinosaurs (yes, really!), to starry skies and punk mermaids. It all seems to flow from one scene to the next, thanks largely to the dominant colors.

Aubrey Aiese was the letterer for this issue, and it’s the lettering that brings everything together. While the emotions of the campers are clear on their faces, it’s the lettering that really evokes that particular tone of voice known to each of them.

Aww, Ripley, don’t ever change.


Lumberjanes #74 is a vibrant collection of quick adventures, following the campers that fans have come to love. This may be the beginning of the end for the series, but it is still wonderfully done, doing justice to the characters, and the fans.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Lumberjanes #74 is vibrant and emotional, setting up for the conclusion of the series, all while giving everyone a chance to say goodbye. Dinosaurs, Mermaids, and Friendship Galore in LUMBERJANES #74