Family Tree #8 is another horror-filled issue, portraying all of the change and loss one family, in particular, must go through. Supported by creative art styles, this is one memorable issue.

How the World Keeps Turning in FAMILY TREE #8

FAMILY TREE #8, available this Wednesday from Image Comics, brings fans back to a world full of horror and family drama. There’s no doubt that for one family, the world will never be the same. Even while it all keeps moving forward.


spoilers ahead

Family Tree has always provided a unique combination of horror and family drama. It’s what made the series stand out in the first place. Yet there’s no denying that the balance between the two has shifted over the course of the last several issues.

Now, it almost feels like everything shifted back, with the focus turning squarely on the family. And the potential horror they’re about to unleash on a mostly unsuspecting world.

Created by Jeff Lemire, Phil Heter, Eric Gapstur, and Ryan Cody, Family Tree is one of those series that defies definitions while breaking ground left and right (pun intended). The real question is, where will the series take us before it all wraps up?

Grandpa isn’t looking so good on this cover of Family Tree #8.

The Writing

Where the last issue was set in the future, Family Tree #8 felt set firmly in the present. There’s no hiding from what is happening to one unlucky family. Nor can fans forget those that are actively hunting them.

Even if those facts had somehow slipped the minds of readers (unlikely), this issue was quick to get everybody on the same page. It’s an emotional read, courtesy of all the harsh changes this one family is facing.

In a way, it’s heartbreaking. In many other ways, it felt inevitable. The glimpses into the future told a specific story, and as such, we all knew that change was on the way. It’s just hard to see that change sometime.

The creative team behind Family Tree has done an excellent job of infusing many elements together to create this series. One moment it’s a horror series, the next a family drama, then suddenly it’s a series full of hope for the future, the next it’s full of dread. It’s almost beautiful, in a way. All while being emotionally draining in the best ways possible.

The fight is still ongoing in Family Tree #8.

The Art

Family Tree #8 is yet another issue in this series that is full of bold and dynamic artwork. The stark white backdrop on many of the scenes forces the readers to take note of the story being told. And the cost that comes with it.

The rougher quality of the artwork is perfect for the more organic nature of this series. It also merges nicely with the scenes full of action and injury, in ways that many other art styles could not. It’s a quality unique to this series.

The infusion of green towards the end of the issue is oddly evocative, foreshadowing events in a way that is reminiscent of classic Marvel villains, whether intentionally or not. The end result is a mild sense of horror, long before any real change occurs.

Many changes are about to arise.


Family Tree #8 continues the harrowing story of one family and how they’re about to change the world. For the better or worse has yet to be seen, though at times one can’t help but feel like the series has a positive tone hidden inside all of that horror.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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How the World Keeps Turning in FAMILY TREE #8Family Tree #8 is another horror-filled issue, portraying all of the change and loss one family, in particular, must go through. Supported by creative art styles, this is one memorable issue.