Family Tree #7 is a haunting issue, full of character development, surprising reveals, action, and some striking artwork.

How The World Is Changing In FAMILY TREE #7

FAMILY TREE #7, available this Wednesday from Image Comics, continues the horror-filled family drama. The world is starting to see permanent changes, courtesy of the actions of the lead characters.


spoilers ahead

Family Tree is a series that merges family drama with horror, something that doesn’t sound like much until you dive into reading it. The horror elements of the series are increased due to the smaller focus – one family.

Yet there’s no denying that the rest of the world is starting to see an impact as well. Whether that makes it more or less horrifying…well, only time will tell. One thing is certain, Family Tree #7 is marching this one family – and the world – closer to the point of no return.

This series was created by Jeff Lemire, Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, and Ryan Cody, and it is, without a doubt, one of the most unique horror series available today. It’s thrilling and haunting, and it gets under your skin in a way that no other series can.

Josh is little a little bit…different here.

The Writing

Family Tree #7 brings with it the biggest changes in the series thus far. Yet it’s balanced out by some creative storytelling. The issue is set in two points in time—the not-so-far future, where all of the worst changes have occurred. And then there’s the present, where one family is still confused and grieving, in their own way.

Grandpa Judd’s tale felt like it was nearing an end in recent issues, yet now it appears that there is more to this stubborn bear’s tale. As for the rest of his family? Well, it’s clear that their impacts are having a significant effect on that future already mentioned.

It’s fascinating, seeing the two timelines unfold side by side. Already theories are forming, thanks to the small hints here and there. Yet there are so many questions that need answering, and not just about the leading characters.

There’s no doubt that this series is still a horror tale…and yet at times, it almost feels hopeful. Like a horror series bordering on solarpunk themes. Yet another unique combination to throw into this mix.

Even in the future, the fights follow Josh.

The Art

The artwork within Family Tree #7 is gritty and reminiscent of tree bark – a fact that could not possibly be more appropriate. It sets the tone for the series, all while giving off this air of what is to come.

The cover for this issue is probably the most striking of the series thus far. Though in this case, striking carries multiple meanings. There’s something beautiful yet horrifying about this image, which was certainly the intent.

The present and the future are easy to tell apart, thanks partially to the color palette changes that occur (though it is a mild transition). Mostly it’s apparent thanks to the surrounding elements, as some pretty significant changes have occurred between the two.

Wonder what he’s looking for?


Family Tree #7 is another haunting addition to this series, one that raises just as many questions as it answers. The future and the present seem so drastically different, and yet the timing is not as far off as one would think. That only raises more questions – and concerns about what will happen to this family.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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How The World Is Changing In FAMILY TREE #7Family Tree #7 is a haunting issue, full of character development, surprising reveals, action, and some striking artwork.