Family Tree #6 is a dark history blending the past and present together, with the help of a fantastic and bold art style.

How One Family Fights To Stay Together In FAMILY TREE #6

FAMILY TREE #6, out this Wednesday from Image Comics, continues the thrilling and horrifying tale full of family drama and surprising evolution. This groundbreaking story is far from over.

Darcy is taking point on this cover of Family Tree #6.


Family Tree is a series unlike any other. It merges family drama with horror, nature with humanity. It’s proof that sometimes the most haunting elements of a story are the parts almost too subtle to catch. Until it’s too late.


Created by Jeff Lemire, Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, Ryan Cody, Steve Wands, Will Dennis, Family Tree is absolutely a series that will get under your skin (pun intended). It’s dark and chilling, with the stakes feeling higher than ever.

Why do the stakes feel so high? Because the series has gone above and beyond in making sure that we care about this family. It’s impossible not to hope for their survival, even as they face incalculable odds.


The Writing

Family Tree #6 starts it’s a tale in the past – finally answering the questions about what happened to Darcy. Granted, it doesn’t answer all of them. We still don’t know the cause of all of this, but knowing that would take away some of the horrors.

The inevitable conclusion to Darcy’s tale foreshadows what is currently happening to Grandpa Judd. Last we saw, he was not doing well, though admittedly he’s proving to be a tougher character than anticipated.

Even then, there are more answers being provided. Slowly, the full story is being made clear. You’d think that would help to tone down the horrifying elements, but instead, it is merely reinforcing this feeling of the inevitable.

One thing is certain, there is still more to be explained about this family and their journey. They must still come together once again, and there is still at least one more major fight on the horizon – and that’s if they’re lucky.


The Art

Once again the artwork behind Family Tree #6 is gritty and intense, providing the perfect backbone for this series. The style itself is oddly organic, so much so that it lends very nicely to the concept of arbors and Arborists.

There’s a dramatic transition within this issue when the past catches up with the present. It creates a stark contrast, one that was certainly intentional. The vibrant green hue is shocking and evocative, especially as it seems to only occur in that brightness around the antagonists of the series. There’s something to be said about that.

Visually speaking, this issue did not pull any punches. There’s no doubt to be had about the state of Judd’s health, or what will likely happen to him if he doesn’t get help, and soon. Yet that just adds to the impact, as well as the concern for the future.

Beauty and horror collide on the cover of Family Tree #7.


Family Tree #6 takes a different turn from the rest of the series, providing insight and answers – all while raising more along the way. There’s no doubt that this series is just as chilling as ever, especially as the family drama goes up a few notches.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Family Tree #6 is a dark history blending the past and present together, with the help of a fantastic and bold art style. How One Family Fights To Stay Together In FAMILY TREE #6