Family Tree #5 is an intense read, one full of vibrant artwork and sudden changes in both perspective and setting.

A Dramatic Transition in FAMILY TREE #5

FAMILY TREE #5, out this Wednesday from Image Comics continues the horror-filled family drama, but perhaps not in the way that many fans will expect. The series is about to take a dramatic turn, as the plot progresses towards a dark point.

Tree or girl? You decide after reading Family Tree #5.


One family’s trials and tribulations have officially hit an epic proportion in Image Comic’s Family Tree. This is series combines horror with family drama, leaving us both unsettled and concerned. It’s been a chilling reading experience, and it has really only just begun.


Family Tree #5 brings with it many changes and surprises – far beyond what the average reader might expect. It’s all the proof we need that this series is going to take a sudden change in direction, for better or for worse. That all depends on your perspective.

One thing is certain; this creative team has really been pulling out all of the stops. It’s clear that they’re going to do everything possible to make this a memorable series. Working on this project you’ll find Jeff Lemire, Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, and Ryan Cody.


The Writing

Where the rest of this series has been chilling, Family Tree #5 is a blend of heartbreak and surprise. Many events occur that will absolutely tug at your heartstrings. There are also elements that will make you think.

Though there are certainly some chilling elements to be found – they’ve just altered tone slightly. In a way, these notes almost feel more personal, likely due to what is actually occurring. As well as everything that it implies.

Then you get most of the way through the issue and…everything changes. This is suddenly a completely new story. Albeit a story rooted (pun intended) on the original one. It is a surprising twist, to say the least. Nevertheless, it’ll be fascinating to see where the creative team goes with it.


The Art

The art behind Family Tree #5 is as striking and gritty as the emotional toll is taken. A large part of the issue is full of dark tones, being predominantly purples and blacks. This sets the mood, as well as suiting everything that happens.

But, like the plot itself, there’s also a dramatic change. The artwork stops being somber and muted and instead transforms. Suddenly the art and world feel alive – the tones shift to being predominantly green, and with good reason.

That’s not the only change hinted at in those final pages, but we won’t spoil them by talking about it too excessively. But don’t worry, it’s looking to be a fascinating change of pace, one that the artists can keep up with.

The cover of Family Tree #6 hints at all of the changes arising.

In Conclusion

Family Tree #5 was a powerful read. It knew exactly how to hit readers in the emotional gut. It then immediately followed up with that by further unsettling readers with a dramatic shift in focus. The series has once again proven it’s unpredictable nature, and that is brilliant.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Family Tree #5 is an intense read, one full of vibrant artwork and sudden changes in both perspective and setting.A Dramatic Transition in FAMILY TREE #5