Dryad #7 is an emotionally compelling read, raising questions and answers alike, all through the use of lush and vibrant artwork.

How The Times Have Changed in DRYAD #7

DRYAD #7, available December 2 from ONI Press, brings with it even more changes for one family — and the reasons why they have stuck together for so long. This is a world full of magic and technology, and there are bound to be some cracks in the merger.

A dynamic cover for Dryad #7, one that hints to the past and the future.

Once upon a time, the Glass family had known a peaceful and relatively quiet life out in what was, essentially, the middle of nowhere. Now they’ve been picked up and dropped off into the middle of a bustling city — and a growing conflict.

Each issue has steadily reviewed and taken apart everything this family had known, or rather, believed to be true. The family, the world, everything. It’s all changing, with very few exceptions. That is the setting for which Dryad #7 takes off.

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The Writing

Dryad #7 is a rich and complex issue, from the very first page, right up until the conclusion. Kurtis Wiebe has clearly put in so much effort into this story, and yet there are countless questions still waiting to be answered.

This entire series has been genre-breaking on more than one level. First, it combined science fiction and fantasy elements into one world. Now, there’s a strong infusion of family drama, and just a dash of spy thrillers on top of everything else.

It makes for a fascinating world, if nothing else. While the wait for the next issue, and hopefully more answers, is likely to feel long, at least there are details worth pouring over from this issue. Such as the family history, the implications made, and the city itself.

All things considered, Dryad #7 is an issue that sits heavy. That was likely intentional, given everything that was revealed or hinted at. Still, it’s difficult to predict what the fallout will be, given the various directions and forms that can be taken.

The Art

Dryad #7 is a striking issue, that much is certain. The characters are still a strong highlight to the series, but there are so many more details to enjoy as well. The vibrant backdrops, the blending of organic and tech, the magic, all of it.

Justin Barcelo is the lead artist, and it is through Bacelo’s work that the past and present collide. The flashbacks are especially noteworthy here, being both dramatic and shockingly…endearing. Something that will make more sense when context is provided. that’s a promise.

Francesco Segala’s colors are to die for. The strong use of blue and green hues on some pages really do set the scene and the tone. It’s a color palette that lends well both to technology, and to magic. Meanwhile, the reds, pinks, and purples of the other dominant pages speak to emotional turmoil and family drama.

Jim Campbell letters the issue, and it is here where many nuances appear. The upheaval of the twins, their bond, the feel of motion and impact, all of it comes out through the lettering.


Dryad #7 is a moving issue, there is no argument in that. It is a fascinating issue, that answers questions in one hand, and raises more with the other. With each page it feels like the tale is getting more complex, and possibly much darker as well. Only time will tell how the Glass family fares from all of this.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Dryad #7 is an emotionally compelling read, raising questions and answers alike, all through the use of lush and vibrant artwork. How The Times Have Changed in DRYAD #7