Ludocrats is an insane and quirky series, one full of unique characters, plot arcs, and artwork.

How The Quirky Adventure Carries On In LUDOCRATS #3

LUDOCRATS #3, available this Wednesday from Image Comics, continues the utterly insane journey full of passion, ill-formed plots, and so much more. These are Aristocrats taken to the farthest extreme imaginable.


spoilers ahead


Ludocrats #3 continues the vibrant and chaotic tale of aristocrats, the nature of boring (and how forbidden it is in this world), torture, and more. If you’re looking for an absurd series to help you escape from your quiet life, this is the series for you.

I usually don’t bring up the issue description in a review, but this is one of those rare times where it is extremely relevant: “Ludocrats, the comic that makes its whole creative team shout ‘Oh God. What have we done? Why didn’t anyone stop us?’ on a monthly basis.”

That is arguably the best description ever seen and is also hilariously fitting for this insane and unpredictable series. There is no better way to sum up this series other than chaos-fueled entertainment. Seriously, even the credits are unconventional.

That is one heck of an alternate cover for Ludocrats #3.

The Writing

To say that Ludocrats is nothing like Kieron Gillen’s other works would be an understatement. Yet the iconic writing style can still be spotted here and there. While the world itself is fueled by chaos, there is some rhyme and reason to be found in the character designs. Working alongside Gillen is Jim Rossignol, and one can easily spot their influence as well. It makes for a highly entertaining read.

Ludocrats #3 is one of those issues that will make readers chuckle, blink, and stare at it. All at once. It bounces back and forth between pandemonium and humor at a moment’s notice (and that’s if you’re lucky).

Additionally, this is an issue that has earned its mature rating. The opening scenes involve torture that feels more like BDSM than anything else, but at least the comic is clear to define lines there. What’s more comical is that it is a scene that would probably pass over a younger audiences’ head – the same can not be said for what follows.

This issue is probably the most chaotic one yet, which is saying something. It’s actually quite hard to believe that there are only two issues left in this series. More accurately, it’s hard to imagine these characters solving the issue in only two issues.

A peek at what is in store in Ludocrats #4.

The Art

Ludocrats #3 is as vibrant as it is…well…unique. It’s full of dynamic characters, colors, and scenery. It’s the sort of issue that demands your attention when sitting quietly on a shelf, which is about the only quiet thing these characters will ever do.

Jeff Stokely is the lead artist for the series, and you can tell that they had a lot of fun designing the world and characters within. They’re all incredibly unique, while also playing off familiar comic tropes. It makes for a hilarious foundation.

Meanwhile, Tamra Bonvillain provided the colors for this series. Her iconic bright colors shine through the pages, with bold backgrounds, and even more vivid details. All of it comes together to create something, unlike any other series.

Finally, Clayton Cowles has been the letterer for this series, and if you think lettering can’t get quirky, you need to check this series out. While the lettering does help to bring the series back down to earth, it also gets a little odd at times, which is fitting.


Ludocrats #3 perfectly continued this chaotic tale, creating something that has never been seen before. It’s the sort of issue that will make you burst out laughing, or shudder at the implications within. Either way, it’s going to be quite the reading experience.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Ludocrats is an insane and quirky series, one full of unique characters, plot arcs, and artwork.How The Quirky Adventure Carries On In LUDOCRATS #3