Ludocrats #2 is an exceptionally vibrant piece of work, portraying quirky characters and even more offbeat (yet entertaining) scenes.

The Insanity Continues in LUDOCRATS #2

LUDOCRATS #2, out this Wednesday from Image Comics continues the fantastically insane tale of Aristocrats and absurdism. It’s a vibrant tale full of characters who hate predictability and logic.

A chaotic journey is about to unfold in Ludocrats #2.


Ludocrats is a series as unique as it is vibrant. That is to say; exceptionally. If you’re craving something new and totally different, this is the series for you. Especially if you like chaos, absurd references, quirky moments of humor, and slightly insane characters.


The series is only going to be five issues long, but there’s no doubt that it is going to have all o the fun possible before it concludes. It may also make a few messes along the way…or is that the characters doing that…


The Writing

Kieron Gillen and Jim Rossignol are the two minds behind Ludocrats #2, and it’s safe to say that this isn’t quite like anything they’re known for writing. That actually made the journey more fun, rather than less.

The sheer amount of absurdity and chaos within these pages is borderline overwhelming, while still being entirely entertaining. And perhaps a little bit messy, but that’s really the natural result of a party. Or breaking into a prison that also happens to be a giant creature.

There’s no doubt about the creativity behind this series, though it’s good to remember that this is not a series you should try to predict. Predictability went right out the window, alongside a sense of decency (looking at you, Otto).

This is an issue full of on-point comedic timing, inane references, and several hilarious twists. Who knows what the following three issues will bring with them?


The Art

As you might imagine, the artwork behind Ludocrats #2 is every bit as chaotic and vibrant as the plot itself. Jeff Stokely was the lead artist for this issue, working alongside Tamra Bonvillain for the colors, and Clayton Cowles for the lettering.

It must have taken a fair bit of work to keep up with the writing for this issue, yet the creative team did a splendid job of doing so. In fact, they arguably went above and beyond at several points. The creature/monster in particular is especially eye-catching, though there are plenty of smaller elements worth looking into as well.

The bold colors support Stokely’s lines, which portray characters that are up for quite the adventure. They’re constantly moving, arguing, or otherwise finding ways to express their passion. It’s highly entertaining.

Larger than life characters can be found within Ludocrats #2.


Ludocrats #2 is every bit the issue fans could have hoped for, living up to the promises made by the first issue. No, it went farther than those promises, diving fully into a world of absurdity and amusement, all for the sake of its readers.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Ludocrats #2 is an exceptionally vibrant piece of work, portraying quirky characters and even more offbeat (yet entertaining) scenes. The Insanity Continues in LUDOCRATS #2