Marvel Action Classics: Avengers #1 is bold and bright while being unafraid to step aside and have a bit of fun.


MARVEL ACTION CLASSICS: AVENGERS #1, available now from IDW is about to bring two entertaining and comical stories to the fans. Get ready for chaos and laughter, and just a few quirks along the way.

Iron Man, Hulk, and Spider-Man all play a role in Marvel Action Classics Avengers #1.


Marvel Action Classics: Avengers #1 is actually a reprinting of two different issues, put together into a nice collection. Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #1 (from 2008) and Marvel Adventures Superheroes #4.


Both issues involve some of our favorite Avengers heroes, mainly Hulk, Spider-Man, and of course, Iron Man. These adventures are honestly perfect for younger fans, as well as really any fan just looking for an excuse to laugh for a bit.


Best of Show

The first story in Marvel Action Classics: Avengers #1 is titled ‘Best of Show’, and it includes a guest appearance from an occasional Avenger. Hercules. While Hercules does make an appearance, most of the attention is focused on others from his mythos (think of the fluffy options).

What follows is a significant amount of insanity and a lot of entertainment. This is a lighthearted event, one perfect for animal lovers as well as Marvel loves. No worries: no puppies were harmed in the making of this issue.

Written by Paul Tobin, this story knows better than to take itself too seriously. Not only that, but it has a bit of fun with mythology humor and the like. Those jokes may go over the heads of any kids reading, but adults will certainly enjoy that extra level of entertainment.

Alvin Lee (pencils), Terry Pallot (Inks), Emily Warren (colors), and Nate Piekos (letters) were all involved for the artwork for this particular issue, and you can tell that they had a lot of fun with it. After all, how often do you get to showcase Hulk romping around with multiple headed dogs?

The images are bright, using bold colors as often as possible. Think class superhero color palette, and you’ve got a solid idea of what will be found here. The characters are expressive, yet intentionally pushed to an exaggerated level. All for the sake of fun! Which these heroes had a bit of (well, Hulk did, at least).

The issue also includes a story from Marvel Adventures Super Heroes Featuring Iron Man #4.

Klaw’s Good Ol’ Fashioned Country Revival

Next up in Marvel Action Classics: Avengers #1 is ‘Klaw’s Good Ol’ Fashioned Country Revival’ which is every bit as chaotic and quirky as you might expect, given that title. Yes, it does bring Klaw back to the forefront, and yes, it does have a country theme.

It turns out that sometimes villains just get sick of being beaten so often, so they give up and try something new. This whole plot actually ties in quite humorously with the joke found withing Avengers: Age of Ultron. You know, the whole joke about Klaw having a mixtape? Only, it gets a lot weirder.

On the bright side, it also discusses things like unintentional bias, giving people a chance, and jealously. All of which makes for a great lesson, for younger and older audiences alike. And it’s all wrapped up in a hilarious bow. Talk about a win-win.

Paul Tobin is the mind behind the script, so give them all the credit for the jokes and insanity that ensued. Alvin Lee (pencils), Terry Pallot (inks), Val Staples (colors), and Nate Piekos (letters) all put their heads together for the artistic side of things, and once again a lot of fun was had here.

The scenes are bold, larger than life (well, Hulk is always larger than life), and full of small details to catch your eye. Klaw and his crew look drastically different, but for good reasons. Meanwhile, the heroes are all in their iconic outfits and colors (something that is remarked upon).

The colors are once again bold and bright, making eye-candy for anybody looking for something vibrant and fun. Even the backdrops do their best to stay away from duller colors. Though the characters stand out the most, with their heavy use of primary colors.

All put together, that makes for a quick and entertaining read. One that will make you laugh – either out of amusement or at the absurdity of it all. Regardless of the reason, it will bring a smile (or an eye-roll) to your face.



Marvel Action Classics: Avengers #1 is such an offbeat and funny read, it almost feels like it came out of nowhere. It pulled in fan-favorites from the Avengers and gave them a chance to have a bit of fun together.

This issue is not one to read if you’re looking for something serious. But if you’re looking for something to brighten your mood? Give it a go, it’ll be worth it.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Marvel Action Classics: Avengers #1 is bold and bright while being unafraid to step aside and have a bit of fun. How MARVEL ACTION CLASSICS: AVENGERS #1 Will Make You Smile