Black Widow #2 is a carefully written issue, and it shows. It's rich and intense, full of subtext and creativity. Throw in the bold artwork, and that makes for a fantastic read.

How Lives Change in BLACK WIDOW #2

BLACK WIDOW #2, available from Marvel comics this Wednesday, continues the latest adventure for the one and only Black Widow. Only, that’s not quite the most accurate statement at the moment, as Natasha seems to be anybody but the Black Widow.


spoilers ahead

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Natasha Romanoff has been many things over the years. An Avenger, a spy, a friend, an ally. Now she appears to be something new altogether, thanks to the latest plot arc. Her story is once again changing, and it’s difficult to guess how it will all turn out.

A glance from the outside makes Natasha’s new life look perfect. Like the sort of life one should leave her to – the sort of life she deserves. But the closer one looks, the more cracks appear. It’s clear that there is something nefarious happening behind the scenes. Then again, isn’t that commonly the case for heroes?

Black Widow’s latest series is already setting up to be bigger and bolder than ever. Taking on new perspectives, throwing new challenges into the mix, and overall just being unafraid to take risks in her story.

And so the story continues in Black Widow #2.

The Writing

Picture a perfect life for Natasha. Now, picture that perfect life, but with a mild Stepford Wive’s twist. Now, you have an idea of what Kelly Thompson has written in Black Widow #2. It’s a plot that is slowly unfolding with time, and the gradual progression is enough to send chills down shines. Which in itself almost feels odd, since everything does appear, at a glance, to be perfect.

What makes this issue unique isn’t the story itself (though there is that), but the way the story itself is told. Two famous heroes walk into the scene, and it’s their assessment that provides a glimpse into Natasha’s new life.

It’s a stark comparison to the other perspective, which allows for a subtle creep of what is wrong with this life. It’s so carefully crafted, both inside and out of the story. Here’s Thompson’s finesse shining through.

Every element and revelation in this issue felt like it was setting up for something more to come. Especially that final page, which in itself leaves a pretty strong impression on what is going to happen within the next issue. The scene has been set – now to see it all play out.

Natasha Romanoff’s new life – at a glance.

The Art

The artwork found inside Black Widow #2 is every bit as bold, driven, and dynamic as the leading lady herself. The colors pop off the page, as do small details that simply demand attention, even when logic dictates that it shouldn’t be so.

Elena Casagrande was the lead artist, and is responsible for all of the stunning poses and designs on the pages. Natasha is really rocking her new look, all while seeming quite at home with her new life. Meanwhile, the confusion and exasperation are palpable on those checking up on her.

Those bright colors were provided by Jordie Bellaire, and they are the perfect fit for Natasha’s story. The color palettes of each and every panel seem dominated by the characters stealing the scene – and their current state of mind. That means, at times, a certain shade of red feels almost inescapable.

VC’s Cory Petit’s lettering is the final touch that this issue needed. It handled everything from the perfectly ordinary scenes, to providing the necessary impact during more action-filled scenes.

At least a normal-sized child, right?


Black Widow #2 is an intriguing issue, through and through. A fact that is surely only going to get stronger in time, as the rest of Natasha’s story unfolds. While her comrades may be confused about the situation, one thing is certain – it’s good to have a Black Widow series again.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt is an avid comic book fan. She loves comics - possibly too much, and will happily talk your ear off about everything she's reading. Though picking a favorite is a bit harder. She reads a little bit of everything and is always open to trying a new series.
Black Widow #2 is a carefully written issue, and it shows. It's rich and intense, full of subtext and creativity. Throw in the bold artwork, and that makes for a fantastic read. How Lives Change in BLACK WIDOW #2