Black Widow #1 is full of creative writing, character development, surprising twists, and absolutely perfect artwork. Altogether, it does the character (and her fans) justice.

BLACK WIDOW #1: How Her Story Lives On

BLACK WIDOW #1, available Wednesday from Marvel Comics, brings Natasha Romanoff back to her own series, with several twists along the way. For when the Black Widow is involved, there is no such thing as an ordinary day.

spoilers ahead


Black Widow has long been famous (or infamous, depending on how you choose to look at it) in the Marvel Universe. She’s gone through so much in her time, both on the page and on the big screen.

Now she has a new series, alongside a new creative team. Kelly Thompson (writer), Elena Casagrande (art), Jordie Bellaire (colors), and VC’s Cory Petit (letters) have joined forces to bring this latest adventure to life.

Marvel has been marketing Black Widow #1 as groundbreaking, a series that is about to change everything. Just one issue in, and those changes are going to be immediately clear to any reader out there – both old and new.

Good to know that this series is planning on keeping every promise made.

She’s back in action on the cover of Black Widow #1.

The Writing

Black Widow #1 gets to have a fun start, and is full of action and intrigue – in the typical Black Widow way. Yet even then, there are already hints of the changes in Natasha’s life. Is it a case of foreshadowing, or simply clever writing?

This is already proving to be a series that doesn’t deny Black Widow her complex past. Given that Thompson is at the helm, that’s not all that shocking. She has a way of gently weaving in major plot arcs, turning them into reminders. All with a simple phrase or two.

Don’t worry, even though the series is taking her past into consideration, it is still written in a welcoming manner. If you’ve been wanting to read a Black Widow series, but haven’t had a chance until now, it is still the perfect time to do so.

The smaller details are where this issue really starts to shine. Those references mentioned above, the little comments Natasha or her allies throw around. It all merges together into one cohesive story, while still leaving plenty of room to be filled in – it is a tale of intrigue, one with a major gap that has to be explained.

It’s amazing how quickly the scenes and events change over the course of just a single issue. Then again, this is Black Widow we’re talking about, the master of adaptation. All of the changing events suit her character quite nicely, while setting the scene for something much larger – and likely significantly more dangerous.

A new mission in Black Widow #1

The Art

Any series that involves Black Widow is basically guaranteed to be bold and dynamic. It goes with the character. So it’s no surprise to hear that the images within Black Widow #1 are fierce, brilliant, and memorable.

The iconic black and red have made their way onto the cover, and that seeps into the pages as well. Mostly in any scene that is particularly full of action. It makes for a stark contrast to the rest of the artwork.

Yet that contrast is perfect for Natasha. This is a woman who puts on many faces and guises, and the color palette suits those changes. As does the core art style, for that matter. The art allows for Natasha to be strong and confident, while leaving room for vulnerability and surprise – when called for.

It’s a poignant reminder of the human underneath the mantle. Considering everything that is happening in this plot, that reminder has never been so vital. Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see where it’s going to lead us.

It’s not just Black Widow who is allowed to be herself on these pages, but many of her allies as well. Ironically, it’s the lettering that allows the quirky personality of Clint Barton (Hawkeye) to stand out. Yet that also feels so perfectly on point.

Diving right into the action in Black Widow #1 .


Black Widow #1 is a tense and clever start to Nat’s latest chapter. This is a woman who has gone through hell and back, and clearly her story is far from over. It’s going to be fascinating to see how this latest twist plays out – and how everyone else reacts to what is happening as well.

Cat Wyatt
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Black Widow #1 is full of creative writing, character development, surprising twists, and absolutely perfect artwork. Altogether, it does the character (and her fans) justice.BLACK WIDOW #1: How Her Story Lives On