Halloween may have opened the door to the slasher films of the ’80s, but it was Friday the 13th that set the table upon which these ripoff films would feast. It took some time for the franchise to find its voice, and when it did it devolved into self parody over the span of only a few movies. There is a sweet spot in the series, and it is noticeable.

Here, now, is the definitive ranking of the Friday the 13th franchise, scrutinized and analyzed and… who am I kidding, I just watched these things and ranked them based on what I liked. And along the way, I added a few tidbits of information where it was warranted. Enjoy… or get mad. It’s up to you.

10Jason X (2001)

Props to “Jason Goes to Space” for having David Cronenberg appear as Dr. Wimmer.

Yes, having played just about everyone within a fifty-mile radius of Camp Crystal lake and a handful of poor souls in Manhattan, the only logical place to take Jason Voorhees was the 25th century, where he is one of two frozen carcasses to be thawed out. Never mind the question everyone with a single brain cell would ask, just go with it.

No matter how silly the scenario might be, the space setting is at least a respite from the monotonous campground setting of the first nine (NINE!) films. Kane Hodder is still the GOAT, and the crew of unsuspecting victims are an improvement over the last few entries. Placing the film so ridiculously far into the future is an amusing touch as well; all bets are off as far as logic or reason are concerned, which is a good thing when you’re talking about this franchise.