‘Gundam Build Fighters: GM’s Counterattack’ PV Finally Gives Us A Release Date

Gundam Build Fighters: GM’s Counterattack

A couple of days ago, a new PV for Gundam Build Fighters: GM’s Counterattack came out. It gives us a better idea of what exactly is going to happen.

Unlike the previous two, this new PV finally gives us a real concrete idea of what’s to come.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X84ImjqBDg[/embedyt]

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What it shows us

This preview shows a lot while simultaneously showing little. We’re getting animation and choreography reminiscent of the stuff we got in the original Build Fighters anime. Both are a welcome relief from the wonkier, more childish ones we received from Try.

It’s also good to see familiar faces like Meijin Kawaguchi and Ricardo Fellini instead of the forgettable characters we were given in Try.

The description of the video gives us a basic summary which involves Niels Nielsen inviting everyone to test out a new battle system in an exhibition match. As always, there would be no story if everything went well so problems arise as Sei Iori tries to show off his new Gunpla Build Strike Cosmos and notices something missing. A mysterious group joins the skirmish as they take over the stadium and challenges the group to battle.

The mysterious group is looking quite similar to the Gunpla Mafia which was only mentioned briefly in the original show. If you don’t remember, a character named C was a member caught trying to sabotage Sei and Reiji’s chances at winning the tournament. Look back at episode 14 to get an idea of who that is in case you forgot.

A release date of August 25th 2017 was also revealed at the end of the trailer. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll keep saying it: This year is THE Gundam year. With so much content being released, I can’t help but feel something big is going to be announced at the end of the year.

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