Earlier today the Japanese Sunrise YouTube account released a preview for a new Gundam show. Nothing was shown of the new show, and it instead focused on the history of Gundam Build Fighters. What we do know is that it is going to be called Gundam Build Extra Project.

Watch the trailer below.



Build Fighters summary

Gundam Build Fighters is a fan service focused show that focuses on Gunpla models that people use to compete in fighting tournaments.

The original

The first series focuses on a kid named Sei Iori who is great at building models but can’t pilot for the life of him. That’s when a mysterious boy named Reiji appears and becomes the pilot for Sei’s machines. The plot is decent but the show’s strength lies in the figurines. They are all variants from the other shows. We also get a bunch of cameos from central characters from the other different series. The fight scenes are beautiful and give us what we’ve always got and hoped for.

Gundam build fighters Kampfer Amazing shooting
This scene was so good I went and bought the model afterwards.

The sequel

The sequel named Gundam Build Fighters Try was not as good only because the main characters weren’t as interesting. The main suit was also an artifact passed down from Sei. This part suffers because it never gets out of the shadow of the first one. All its great points are taken directly from GBF. The fight scenes are also not as great.

Gundam build fighters try Gundam Transient standing in front of red moon
While it wasn’t my favorite, Try still had great moments like this.

The movie

A sequel to the second part named Gundam Build Fighters Try: Island Wars came out in August 2016. It was a television special that I consider a movie. This was the worst piece of the pack, only because it focused on the characters from Try and threw away what made the previous series so interesting: the various mobile suits and the call backs to the original.

Gundam build fighters try island wars
It just became a joke by this point

All of them have an amazing soundtrack that you can listen to on any occasion.

I am looking forward to seeing what Gundam Build Extra Project is going to be about and whose story it will follow.

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