Rejoice fellow Gundam fans, looks like instead of getting one new Build Fighters show, we’re getting two. The BuildFighters twitter account announced both shows and their premise earlier today. This year is definitely our year.

A new PV came out showing an alternate ending to the previous one.


Gundam Build Fighters GM’s Counterattack

The first new show follows our favorite group of Gunpla builders. Taking place 3 years after the end of the original series, we follow Sei Iori and his lovable friends.

Keep in mind that Build Fighters Try takes place 7 years after the original, so this is amazing news. The implications are enormous as we won’t have to see Sekai Kamiki and his trash crew at all. My hope is that we will get fights as exciting as the original instead of the overly colorful ones from Try. More strategy and intrigue await us!

By the way, that title? Amazing. It brings back memories from Char’s Counterattack that I thought I had forgotten. I absolutely cannot wait for this.

Gundam Build Fighters: GM's Counterattack
LOOK AT THEM!! Meijin Kawaguchi and Fellini are back!

Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue

The second series announced today is more of a bonus. Based off the summary, it seems to be more of an extra fan service measure. Don’t get me wrong though, I am looking forward to both of these new shows. More Gundam can only be good for the soul. We will get to see skirmishes between different Gunpla suits in different situations. Described as “Dynamic Dream Battle”, the possibilities are boundless.

If you stop and think, this means we could get to see alternate events to important duels in Gundam history.

Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue
I’m so excited right now!

I wasn’t expecting such great news on this day and now my whole week has been made. Oh and there was also some news relating to Twilight Axis that came out today. In my memory, this is the year with the most Gundam shows coming out.

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