Doctor Aphra #6 is a highly entertaining issue, one that portrays multiple strong (and conniving) characters, sets up for another adventure, and hints at a new arrival. All supported by brilliant artwork, of course.

Great Minds Think Alike in STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #6

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STAR WARS: DOCTOR APHRA #6, available Wednesday from Marvel Comics, brings us back to a character that is very talented at getting in over her head. Way over her head, as recent events have happily proven.

We’d advise against getting in her way…

It is well known that Doctor Aphra has a way of getting in over her head. That’s pretty obvious by now, right? After all, she got wrapped up in Darth Vader’s story, and instead of running for her life at the first opportunity, she continued with her planning.

Now, in Doctor Aphra #6, it looks like Aphra is about to start messing with another strong player in this universe. Granted, Domina Tagge is no Darth Vader, but she still has plenty of power to wield.

As the events in the previous issue proved, and will likely prove again in what is to come. That raises the question, how is Doctor Aphra going to get herself out of this situation? Or rather, what scheme is she going to come up with next?

Regal yet terrifying. Perhaps she will be the perfect counter to Doctor Aphra.

The Writing

Doctor Aphra #6 does an excellent job of setting Domina Tagge up as a woman not to be messed with. All of her power – and her decision making – is quickly put on display, through a lot of careful writing on Alyssa Wong’s part.

It certainly set the scene for what is to come. As did the introduction to this issue, for that matter. It was all quite clever, with hints of sardonic humor woven throughout. It seems like a new match for Doctor Aphra has formally been introduced.

This is an issue full of action and drama, of the sort that only Doctor Aphra can bring to bear. If you’ve read her past issues, then you can probably guess at least some of that content. With the action comes a hint of humor, as characters interact and get in each other’s way. Again, that’s something very familiar for her series.

Doctor Aphra #6 is full of intrigue as well, as the whole issue is really setting up for something more. A bit of a surprise there, as the previous issue would have led us to believe that a major confrontation was waiting.

That bounty is surely going to make Aphra’s life a bit more difficult.

The Art

The artwork in Doctor Aphra #6 is another impressive addition to her collection, as Aphra bounces around the galaxy, making friends and enemies at the same time. There are a variety of scenes portrayed within these pages, and every one is worth checking out.

Ray-Anthony Height (pencils), Robert Gill (pencils), and Victor Olazaba (inks) created some tense scenes here. Some are full of movement and action, while others simply full of strong, stubborn, and slightly terrifying women. Domina Tagge looks particularly regal, in a simple yet elegant gown.

Rachelle Rosenberg’s colors make everything pop, and then some. Her beautiful purple and starry backdrops are to die for, while the characters are given vibrant accentuations that make them stand out.

VC’s Joe Caramagna’s letters are the icing on the cake, so to speak. The subtle sound effects feel real, thanks in part to Aphra’s reactions, and in part to the placement and design of the letters themselves.

Even Black K can’t resist that amount of credits. No real surprise there.


Doctor Aphra #6 is another action-filled issue, but one with several twists along the way. In many ways, it parallels other major adventures for Aphra. That doesn’t bode well, even while leaving an opening for something exciting in Doctor Aphra #7.

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