Runaways #30 is a dramatic yet cleverly written issue, one that is full of excellent artwork with a clear design.

Doc Justice’s Long Game Revealed in RUNAWAYS #30

RUNAWAYS #30, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics brings the now infamous Doc Justice back to the forefront, as his long game is revealed. This is the vindication many fans have been looking for.

Gert and Old Lace look about ready to get to the bottom of things in Runaways #30.


Fans of the Runaways (us included) have been having a significant amount of concerns about Doc Justice. Over the course of the last several issues, his character and insidious habits and plots have slowly been revealed. But while that might have been enough for many fans to condemn him, it didn’t carry the same satisfaction as seeing the Runaways catch him in the act.

Assuming they’d be willing to see what was right in front of their eyes, that is. The truth of the matter is; the Runaways went from being a bunch of teenagers too paranoid to trust any adult to adoringly following his every wish. With the exception of one.

That is where this issue begins. Runaways #30 is the second to last for this plot arc, and this is one we’ve been eagerly waiting for. You just know that things are about to start going wrong. After all, this is the Runaways we’re talking about. Something always goes wrong.

Canon Fodder is proving to be an apt name for this plot arc.

The Plot

Runaways #30 is a dramatic issue through and through. This is the sort of plot that Runaways fans live for. These young heroes have faced off against plenty of adults in their day, but perhaps nothing with quite so much buildup.

Rainbow Rowell really took their time building up the whole Doc Justice plot. There was something so chilling – yet satisfying – about watching it all come to ahead. Fans could clearly see the writing on the wall, while desperately wishing the characters could as well.

This is the issue that made all of that buildup and anxiety worth it. Though it also took some time to further buildup the tension. The revelations were cleverly done, leading us to be concerned about what is about to happen. And giving us even more fuel to hate Doc Justice with. It’s a win/win.

There are so many layers and little details to pick through from this issue. Doc Justice is a character who has been at this game for a long time, and we likely haven’t even seen the half of what he’s done. But the creative storytelling techniques used in this issue gave us a glimpse – without having to spend a ton of time doing so.

Don’t tell her not to smile. Don’t tell her to smile, either.

The Art

Runaways #30 features some dramatic art to go alongside all of that buildup, don’t worry. Though most of the action will occur later in the issue itself, there’s still plenty to appreciate leading up to that moment.

The photoshoot scene is one of the highlights of this issue, having this odd balance of humor and foreshadowing. Most of these elements are nonverbal, and thus relied heavily on the artwork. Another moment worth talking about is the clever storytelling mentioned above. This was a ton of information that had to be offloaded in a way that was interesting and not overwhelming. Easier said than done, but our artists found a way.

Andres Genolet was the lead artist for this issue. So you have them to thank for the dramatic poses, which are another highlight worth talking about. Our Runaways have really come into their own, which is a bit ironic, given what is happening.

Dee Cunniffe was the colorist, and they did a fantastic job with this issue. Karolina in particular really shines here – pun not intended, but welcome. Finally, VC’s Joe Caramagna was the letterer for this issue. And their work was especially vital during that scene we’ve already talked to death. It just wouldn’t have worked otherwise.

Doc Justice doesn’t seem like the type of man who takes being turned down well…

In Conclusion

Runaways #30 was basically everything that fans have been hoping for when it comes to this plot. The conclusion is now only an issue away, and there’s no doubt in our minds that it is going to be a dramatic one. In the meantime, this issue left plenty of little details worth pouring over. So that’ll keep fans busy for a time.

Cat Wyatt
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Runaways #30 is a dramatic yet cleverly written issue, one that is full of excellent artwork with a clear design. Doc Justice’s Long Game Revealed in RUNAWAYS #30