Catwoman #29 is a bold issue, one that weaves together multiple storylines in order to create something new. It is full of surprises, clever moments, and vibrant artwork.

CATWOMAN #29: On the Necessity of Friends

DC Comics‘ CATWOMAN #29, on sale now, sends us back to Alleytown, where Selina is fighting to take back her turf and set her own rules. Written by Ram V, with art by Fernando Blanco, Jordie Bellaire, and Tom Napolitano, Catwoman is about to take on a whole new set of enemies.

This does not bode well.

Only a short time has passed since Selina was given an ultimatum. Take a year, work on taking care of the long list of enemies she gained during the Joker War. It’s a grand goal, and one that she hasn’t really set down to deal with. Not yet, at any rate. Instead, she’s been focusing on herself and Alleytown

Catwoman #29 brings us back to the Alleytown, a place she once called home. Once she returns to her old stomping ground, Selina realizes that it’s a haven for the area’s young thieves. She may think that she can stay out of trouble (hint: she can’t) and avoid the temptations of an interesting case, but you know how that saying goes about curiosity and cats. At least satisfaction brought it back.

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Yep, called it. That is quite the blood bath.

The Writing

If you’re looking for a fast-paced read, one that involves the best thief around and several other known criminals to boot, then Catwoman #29 is the issue for you. Selina Kyle may have gone to ground, but that doesn’t mean that she’s staying out of trouble.

In fact, I’m fairly certain that writer Ram V is trying to assert the opposite. The end result is an issue that is full of hints, revelations, and surprises. New and old enemies pop up all around, and it’s hard to predict how they’re all going to interact with one another. Likewise, it’s unclear how Selina will deal with these threats.

On the other hand, our lovely Catwoman finds several potential allies. Unfortunately, more often than not, it feels like these characters need her help, so they could be liabilities. At least, that’s what Selina would have us think.

As hinted at above, there are a few cameos to be found within this issue. I won’t spoil them by going into detail. But be aware that some of them are more surprising than others. One of which is mildly horrifying and concerning, even if we all assume that it will somehow work out perfectly in the end. The implications alone are still haunting.

A new antagonist has entered the fray!

The Art

The artwork for Catwoman #29 is as varied and wild as the cast is, and that’s saying something. There’s action, surreal science fiction moments, flash and pomp, and crime aesthetics that would only ever feel at home in Gotham.

Fernando Blanco’s artwork is a sight to behold. There are times it feels like the series has been transported to a world that feels utterly bizarre at times. Bellaire compliments this progression by using the bright hues that one pictures in a futuristic world. 

The design of her new enemy is fascinating. This new character (see above) is reminiscent of a few other supervillain characters, but she has her own flair. Though many questions surround her, one thing is certain: she’s got style.

Jordie Bellaire’s colors are fantastic in this issue. They dive into the bright and surreal side of the spectrum, but this visual tone matches what Ram V is trying to create here. It also matches the color palettes of the characters involved and the overall city aesthetics. The plot feels so much larger than life, and thus, so does the artwork. 

Tom Napolitano’s letters are another high point for this issue. While they certainly makes the bangs and explosions more fun, that is not my favorite part. No, that award goes to another moment in the series. One where you can practically hear the change in voice as a character plummets. 

Meanwhile, back in Alleytown.


Catwoman #29 brings Selina and crew back home, but they’re not taking a break. This issue sets up several new conflicts and takes some time to have fun. While there’s a lot of casual action in this issue, it does feel like we’re being set up for an even larger confrontation that’s sure to play out at some point in the future.

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Catwoman #29 is a bold issue, one that weaves together multiple storylines in order to create something new. It is full of surprises, clever moments, and vibrant artwork. CATWOMAN #29: On the Necessity of Friends