Old Style Pilsner: Molson Coors Brewing Co – A Classic Review

Old Style Pilsner
Old Style’s unique label is rife with history … and bunnies!

It’s Canada Day weekend! Celebrations may vary from town to town but it’s a safe bet that a few Canadians will drink a beer or two this long weekend. And, what better beer to drink on Canada’s 149th birthday than a beer that’s 90 years old itself? Though it can’t be considered a craft beer, Old Style Pilsner is a well-made brew that, as its website states, hasn’t changed much since Fritz Sick first brewed it in 1926.

One change that Old Style did go through was its purchase by Molson in 1958. According to wikipedia, Molson Coors continues to use Sick’s Breweries Ltd.’s original formula to make Old Style Pilsner. I picked up a 24 of this tasty Canadian brew in an effort to be frugal, ten dollars less expensive than a 24 of my usual beer. But Old Style isn’t just good on the pocket-book, it’s just good.

Old Style Pilsner – First Sip

Old Style Pilsner is nearly clear with a lot of carbonation (similar to the kölsch I reviewed last week). An inch-thick layer of foam forms as I pour it into my pint glass. I don’t notice a strong smell as I take a big gulp of this brew. Old Style has a noticeable taste though. Best described as an acquired taste, it has a smooth grainy taste with a tart finish. And, Old Style Pilsner’s relatively high carbonation level strengthens its watery mouthfeel.

Old Style Pilsner – Last Sip

Although some picky beer drinkers may turn their noses up at this 5% ABV macro-brew, I recommend it over lots of other similarly priced beers. Old Style plays the sweet-and-sour angle well. I like to drink Old Style from a glass but you’ll  enjoy Old Style directly from the bottle or can. Pouring into a pint glass allows Old Style Pilsner’s frothy head to dissipate a bit. Enjoyed straight from the bottle, the foam can overpower Old Style’s flavour.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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