Kilannan Kolsch from Kilannan Brewing Co. – A Continental Review

Wikipedia describes kölsch as a clear, all-barley pale ale brewed in Cologne, Germany. But, Kilannan Brewing Co., a four-year old craft brewery near Owen Sound, Ontario is proving that Ontarians can brew great-tasting kölsch too. Kilannan’s owner Spencer Wareham is one of the youngest brewery owners in Canada at just 25 years old. Luckily, unlike drinking it, Wareham and his staff at Kilannan prove that brewing great beer doesn’t come with an age restriction. I picked up a couple of 473 mL cans of Kilannan Kolsch at my local LCBO. Before enjoying them, though, I made sure to capitulate to wikipedia’s instructions and pour each into a stange or rod. An infrequent kölsch drinker, I enjoyed mine in a Han Solo-themed rod (may Jedi ghosts watch over him).

Kilannan Kolsch
SAF: Smooth As …

Kilannan Kolsch – First Sip

This is a pale ale if I’ve ever seen one. Kilannan Kolsch is lighter in colour than some ginger ales. I’m almost immediately glad I poured mine into a rod when I see how quickly the head diffuses. The tight cylindrical shape of the rod keeps the carbonation localized rather than allowing it to dissipate as a standard pint glass would. I get a big whiff of barley as I take my first sip. Kilannan Kolsch’s smell complements its taste well: it has a sweet and grainy flavour that highlights its smooth mouthfeel. Likely typical of other kölsches, this beer has a very clean and understated finish.

Kilannan Kolsch – Last Sip

This is the beer to enjoy at a barbecue, a ballgame, a Brexit vote, basically anywhere. Kilannan Kolsch is so smooth and its flavour is so delicate that it’s difficult to think of reasons to take issue with it. But, as an habitual drinker of strong-flavoured beers like IPAs and stouts, I miss the hops. But, no strike against it there since kölsch doesn’t trade on the same flavours as IPA’s or stouts. So, if you’re looking for foot-stomping bitterness then leave this one to the people who want a delicately flavoured beer with a 5% ABV rating.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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