Honey Ginger Shandy from Old Tomorrow Beer – A Honey Review

Unable to resist the call of the little guy, I’m back with another review of a brew from Old Tomorrow Beer. I’ve previously reviewed Old Tomorrow’s Canadian Pale Ale and Track 85 Lagered Ale, and I had a great time with them! So, this week I decided to review Old Tomorrow’s Honey Ginger Shandy. It might not be summer any more, but tasty brews are good in any season.

Having written about Old Tomorrow’s history and philosophy in previous reviews, I’ll devote this space to writing about their Honey Ginger Shandy instead. According to Old Tomorrow Beer, this is apparently the first Ontarian craft shandy. Honey Ginger Shandy is brewed according to the shandygaff tradition, which apparently originated in the 1850’s. Old Tomorrow also brews their shandy with Muskoka Springs Pale Ginger Ale, the recipe for which has been around since 1873. So, there’s no denying that this shandy, like its brewer, has a strong respect for history.

As usual, though, all this talk about breweries has made me thirsty! So I’m going to open this 473 mL can and pour myself a glass of this Honey Ginger Shandy!

Old Tomorrow Beer: Honey Ginger Shandy – First Sip

Old Tomorrow’s Honey Ginger Shandy is a golden colour and produces about an inch of head as I pour mine into a flared pilsner glass. I notice the sweet smell of ginger ale as I take my first sip. Its aroma introduces this brew’s complex yet subtle flavour nicely.

I taste citrus as well as ginger ale, and both flavours fade to an unmistakable honey aftertaste. This shandy has a thin, almost delicate, mouthfeel. And, with a relatively low carbonation level, there’s little chance of its fizziness overpowering its well-balanced flavour. This a very crisp and refreshing brew that’s great on a hot day or as an afternoon cocktail.

Old Tomorrow Beer: Honey Ginger Shandy – Last Sip

At a very modest 3% ABV, you’re well within your rights to have a few of these tasty beer cocktails. With its almost soda-like smoothness, though, make sure you keep track of how many you’ve had. These sweet brews tend to go down quickly.

Because of this brew’s sweet honey flavour, I, and the good people at Old Tomorrow, suggest pairing the Honey Ginger Shandy with salty foods. Fish & chips, salted nuts, and barbecued chicken are all great picks. Or, just drink it on its own and enjoy this brew’s complex flavour without any distractions.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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