This is a great thirst-quenching amber!
Hockley Valley Brewing Company

Hockley Valley Brewing Company: Hockley Amber – A Toasty Review

I previously reviewed Hockley Valley Brewing Company‘s Georgian Bay Beer, which wears the official tartan of the waters of Georgian Bay on its cans. Check out that review if you’re interested in some more information about the brewery and my thoughts on that brew. Today I’m reviewing a beer that’s quite different from Hockley Valley’s light-tasting Georgian Bay Beer. Today I’m reviewing Hockley Valley Brewing Company’s simply named Hockley Amber.

Hockley Valley Brewing Company: Hockley Amber – First Sip

Hockley Amber pours a transparent and, not surprisingly, amber colour. A very thin layer of foam develops at the top of my pint glass, and dissipates quickly. I notice an aroma of malt and bread as I take my first sip. Hockley Amber tastes a bit like burnt sugar: it has a sweet taste, but an understated current of bitterness balances its sweetness out. This beer’s relatively fizzy mouthfeel sets its complex flavour off where a thicker mouthfeel would make this brew too rich.

Hockley Valley Brewing Company: Hockley Amber – Last Sip

This is a complex beer that goes well with a variety of foods. Since Hockley Amber’s strength is in its smooth, easy-drinking quality rather than in its having a really bold flavour, this is a versatile brew. Because of its semi-sweet taste, Hockley Amber is a great winter warmer. But, its crispness also makes this a great brew to enjoy after a long day.

But its easy-drinking flavour belies its slightly high 5.2% ABV rating. Available in 473-mL cans, drinking more than one or two of these at a time might be dangerous. If you do fall prey to the smoothness of Hockley Amber and have a few of these, just make sure you don’t have anywhere to go. And, because of its complex flavour and unique aroma, I strongly suggest drinking this beer from a glass.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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This is a great thirst-quenching amber!Hockley Valley Brewing Company: Hockley Amber - A Toasty Review