Georgian Bay Beer – Hockley Valley Brewing Co: A Colourful Review

Georgian Bay Beer
Beer and tartans together again

Hockley Valley Brewing Company, based out of Orangeville, Ontario, is another award-winning brewery with lots of great beer for sale. One of those beers is Hockley Valley’s Georgian Bay Beer. You can easily identify this beer by the cans it comes in: 473 mL tall cans that feature the shadow of a windblown pine printed on a unique tartan. The tartan emblazoned on each can is the official tartan of the waters of Georgian Bay.

And, though the unique colours of the tartan become a bit washed out when printed on cans of Georgian Bay Beer, the inspiration for the tartan’s design is printed on each can for posterity. I spent some time on Georgian Bay recently, and made sure to pick up a couple of these light-tasting brews. But enough about what’s on the outside of the can, here’s what I think about what’s on the inside …

Georgian Bay Beer – First Sip

Georgian Bay Beer pours a pale yellow colour. With moderate carbonation, a very thin layer of foam develops at the top of my glass. As I take my first sip, I notice an apple juice smell. This smell complements Georgian Bay Beer’s grainy flavour that finishes with hints of corn and citrus. That said, Georgian Bay Beer’s watery mouthfeel gives it a very light finish that’s easy to miss.


Georgian Bay Beer – Last Sip

I did a double-take at the label after taking my last sip. It’s hard to believe that this easy-drinking beer weighs in at the usual 5% ABV. With its smooth flavour and pale colour, Georgian Bay drinks like a light beer. Although it looks great in a glass, its moderate carbonation level make it a good beer to enjoy straight from the can, which makes drinking on your dock that much more convenient.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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