Great Lakes Brewery: Winter Ale – A Spicy Review

As of yesterday, winter has officially returned to the northern hemisphere. Many aren’t thrilled at the prospect of having to trudge through the slush for the next three or four months. But, at least we can look forward to the aromatic return of winter beers. And, to mark the beginning of winter, I picked up a 750-mL bottle of Great Lakes Brewery’s Winter Ale. I’ve previously written reviews for two of Great Lakes Brewery’s other beers. Check them out here and here for information on them and the brewery.

For now, change your tires, strap on your snowshoes, put on your heavy coats, and grab your shovel: it’s Winter (Ale) time.

Great Lakes Brewery: Winter Ale – First Sip

Winter Ale pours an amber-hued golden colour with an inch or so of foam that dissipates slowly. This beer has a smooth mouthfeel and relatively lively bubbles. Winter Ale’s orange-peel smell mixes well with a cinnamon flavour that gives way to a ginger-y aftertaste.

Great Lakes Brewery: Winter Ale – Last Sip

This is a sweet and aromatic brew, almost like a shandy. And, at 6.2% ABV in a 750-mL bottle, one is enough, especially if you’re enjoying it after previously drinking a 473-mL can of Bolshevik Bastard.

The obvious benefit of feeling tiny while drinking from a 750-mL beer bottle aside, you’re only hurting yourself by drinking this one without a glass. This is a brew you should smell as well as taste.

Winter Ale reminds me of thick apple cider, so I suggest enjoying it alongside a sausage on a bun. But, with its rich flavours, it’ll also go well with a savoury turkey dinner. For seasonal seekers who look for thick, rich, and spicy beers in the spring and summer, this brew will also go well with barbecued chicken and vegetables.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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