Great Lakes Brewery: Canuck Pale Ale – A “Sorry” Review

Started in Brampton in 1987 as a malt extract brewery with only two beers on offer, Great Lakes Brewery has evolved over the years into a brewery with a well-rounded selection of award-winning brews. After moving to Etobicoke in 1991 and opening their retail store in 2000, Great Lakes Brewery really took off. It wasn’t long before GLB had a brew available in the LCBO. 2006 saw GLB’s Devil’s Pale Ale 666 hit the shelves of liquor stores all over Ontario. But, it wasn’t until 2011 that Ontarian beer drinkers were able to buy the award-winning Canuck Pale Ale, the beer I’m reviewing today, at their local LCBO’s. You can read the full GLB timeline on their website if you’d like; I’m going to drink some of this award-winning beer.

Great Lakes Brewery: Canuck Pale Ale – First Sip

Oh yah, Canuck Pale Ale pours a golden-yellow colour with a thin layer of head. Canuck Pale Ale has a piney scent, true to the ironic lumberjack on its 473 mL can. But, as the can mentions, this Canadian brew, in defiance of the lumberjack stereotype on its label, sloughs off the Canadian obsession with identity. It’s fundamentally an APA, and that “A” usually stands for “American,” … eh? But, jeez! Let’s not get bogged down by labels! Sorry … I prefer bitter beer so I like Canuck Pale Ale’s subtle hop-forward flavour. It has a well-balanced bitterness upfront, a result of its sharp hops flavour, that sticks to the tongue.

Great Lakes Brewery: Canuck Pale Ale – Last Sip

For posterity, I’m drinking my second beer straight from the can … for posterity. Unlike some hop-forward beers that rely on strong aromas to bring out the taste, Canuck Pale Ale has a subtle smell that acts as a bonus more than a necessity. So, enjoying this beer straight from the can implies no severe penalty, beyond not being able to enjoy its clear-golden colour as you drink it from the glass. Luckily, you can still enjoy Canuck Pale Ale’s bitter flavour augmented by its fizzy mouthfeel from the can. Even if you thumbgun it, eh?! But, at 5.2% ABV, I implore you to thumbgun responsibly.


Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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