Big Rig Brewery: Release The Hounds Black IPA – A Dogged Review

Big Rig Brewery has two restaurant/brewery locations in Ontario and a variety of their beers are available in the LCBO. And, though Big Rig is a new brewery, they’re making a big impression. Winning four Golds and one Bronze at the 2016 Ontario Brewing Awards, this is a craft brewery to keep an eye on.

In fact, the beer I’m reviewing here, “Release The Hounds Black IPA,” was one of Big Rig’s Gold medal winners in the “Dark IPA” category. I was lucky enough to find a couple 473 mL cans of this award-winning beer at my local LCBO. Now let’s find out if this dog will hunt …

Big Rig Brewery: Release The Hounds Black IPA – First Sip

This is a dark IPA, and aside from its lack of foam it looks like a stout. It pours a very dark brown with a thin layer of head that dissipates quickly. Release The Hounds has a malty flavour that reminds me of roasted nuts. This gives way to a seriously bitter hops finish, as all IPA’s should. Its thick-ish mouthfeel is the perfect vehicle for its transition from malty to bitter.


Big Rig Brewery: Release The Hounds Black IPA – Last Sip

I’m a big fan of bitter beers. Just look at my glowing reviews of the IPA‘s, APA‘s, CPA‘s, stouts, and dark ales I’ve tasted! And, I like this brew a lot, but I don’t suggest serving it at a party. You will undoubtedly offend the delicate tastebuds of a lager-only crowd. Plus, at 6.2% ABV this isn’t really a party beer. With its almost smoky flavour and bitter finish I suggest enjoying this tasty brew as part of a savoury dinner in combination with smoked fish or a gourmet pizza. Or, if you’re poor like me then try some salted nuts.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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