Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #2 is an issue full of tongue-in-cheek style humor, with good-natured ribbing and jokes all around. Combined with the bright artwork, it makes for a light and relaxing read

Battling Social Media in MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #2

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IDW’s MARVEL ACTION: CAPTAIN MARVEL #2, available now, brings two (or three, depending on how you look at it) iconic heroes together for an action-packed adventure involving social media and trends.

Captain Marvel and Ghost-Spider team-up in Marvel Action Captain Marvel #2.

It’s still hard to believe that we’re lucky enough to get another Marvel Action: Captain Marvel series. But who am I to complain!? Better yet, this series seems to be bringing in many fan favorites – characters who would be a delight to see interacting with Captain Marvel.

Thus far, the series has been virtually full of ‘girl power’ characters – in all the best ways possible. Captain Marvel is reaching out to the younger heroes out there that need her help—all while getting a little bit of support from the younger generation at the same time. It makes for a light and approachable series for all.

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #2 continues that trend, throwing Captain Marvel, Chewie (the one and only), and Gwen Stacey (Ghost-Spider) together for a chaotic battle against…technology?

The Writing

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #2 is a fun and endearing adventure, courtesy of writer Sam Maggs. Picture a team-up between Captain Marvel and Ghost-Spider. Now imagine that Ghost-Spider is a bit on the younger side, in need of a mentor, and looking to increase her online presence. Now you have an idea of what sort of chaotic fun is in store.

This issue has a lot of fun with expectations and tropes surrounding the world of social media. It pokes fun at things like ‘ClikClok’ (any guesses on what that could be standing in for?), flash mobs, and social media trends.

It’s all in good fun, of course. It’s a great counter to work-obsessed Carol Danvers fans are most used to seeing. Perhaps this is precisely what she needed on her vacation. Granted, most people wouldn’t consider fighting a villain their idea of a break, but this is Carol we’re talking about.

Adorably, even Chewie seems to get a moment or two in this issue. While some people would be concerned about her joining in the fight, this is still a lighthearted issue. Meaning that nobody gets eaten – or sent to another dimension.

The Art

Unsurprisingly, the artwork in Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #2 is just as much fun as the writing itself. It isn’t every day you get to see Carol deal with social media – or save the day through creative means (though there is still some fighting involved, promise!).

You can tell that Mario Del Pennino (layout artist), Isabel Escalante (inks), and Heather Breckel (colors) all had a blast illustrating this issue. The scenes are sometimes silly but in a good nature sort of way.

Likewise, the colors in this issue are all very bright and eye-catching. Our leading ladies (all three of them) pop off the pages while they deal with the oddest of villains. Meanwhile, the villains feel intentionally slightly cartoonish, but in a way that will make you laugh.


Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #2 is another fun and entertaining issue in this series. If you’re looking for an issue that will make you smile, then this is the issue for you. The overall good nature and humor of the issue is very tongue-in-cheek and is perfect for audiences of all ages.

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