Batman Detective #1 starts off a series that will make readers love or hate Batman as much as Bruce Wayne does.

BATMAN DETECTIVE #1: Putting ‘World’ Back In The ‘Greatest Detective’

Batman Detective #1 from DC Comics hits comic stores on April 13. Writer Tom Taylor challenges the Dark Knight by focusing on “The World’s Greatest Detective.” Artist Andy Kubert brings forth some interesting designs in costumes for the cast. Something that colorist Brad Anderson ensures to stand out. Letterer Clem Robins makes the internal strife and actions of Batman easy to follow.

Batman Detective #1:¬†World’s Greatest

Taylor takes a page out of Batman Inc., where Batman’s title as ‘World’s Greatest Detective’ becomes more literal. Beryl Hutchinson’s return as Knight is a nice callback to that line with how Batman franchises his mantle. It feels like a means for people anywhere to use the Dark Knight as inspiration to help others. So what happens when a group of extremists wants to disenfranchise him by killing innocent people?

Batman Detective #1 ConflictWorse still, Bruce Wayne already feels powerless with some “current” events. All of this destruction to smear Batman’s name feels like rubbing salt on a wound. This is why it’s good to see Knight and Squire bring some levity to Batman’s personal crisis.

Finally, Batman as a noir-style detective is on full display. The connections he uses to investigate crimes, his preparation and ability to think on his feet, and above all else, Bruce’s hardboiled attitude. Despite Batman’s capabilities, he feels like he’s already lost his battle against crime. It’s a feeling that many longtime Batman fans have to grapple with, making the connection to Batman even greater.

Costumes Make The Detective

Kubert’s designs give a unique perspective to Batman Detective #1. Batman, for example, wears a costume resembling Zack Snyder’s post-Apokolips costume. Doing away with the iconic campier Batsuit helps accentuate the mood of the series. There’s no time for theatrics for Batman this time around, only the detective.

Especially when the anti-Batman terrorists go out in all white versions of his iconic costume, these designs are meant to mock Batman with how bright Anderson makes them. Unlike Batman’s darker costume, which allows him to move through the shadows, these “anti-Batmen” want his image to be seen in full view. This way, whenever anybody sees Batman’s visage, the innocent will cower in fear.Contrast at large

If all of this isn’t enough, Robins’ lettering gives voice to the internal and external conflicts of Batman Detective #1. The captions that display Bruce’s thoughts feel slow and heavy, which coincides with his defeatist mind. The sound effects from the anti-Batmen, meanwhile, are loud, fast, and merciless. For them, there’s no thinking or second-guessing, only a mission.

Investigate Batman Detective #1

Batman Detective #1 is a must-read for fans of the Caped Crusader. It’s not just the sensational storylines but how people see the different sides of the Dark Knight. The detective angle just happens to have this deep sense of introspection on the character’s limitations. That way people can learn to love Batman even more.

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Batman Detective #1 starts off a series that will make readers love or hate Batman as much as Bruce Wayne does.BATMAN DETECTIVE #1: Putting 'World' Back In The 'Greatest Detective'