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The Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped with intense action, a plethora of heroes, and killer music. It’s an excellent trailer all around, but Spider-Man is easily the best part.

My favorite part of the entire trailer is the brief bus scene, when the hairs on Tom Holland’s Peter Parker stick up as he knows there is a looming threat. We haven’t seen much of the Spider-Sense in the MCU, so it’s fantastic to see the editing team include that in the promotional material. Some audience members thought the lack of Spidey-sense was deliberate, and that the character actually lacked it in his feature film version – this trailer proves he indeed has the trait.

Amongst all the other spectacle of the trailer – Thanos ripping Vision’s Infinity Stone out, Captain America leading Wakanda’s warriors, Thor meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy – the introduction of Spider-Man’s Iron Suit gets me the most excited. Iron-Spider is an integral part of the Marvel universe, especially within the Civil War storyline. Although we didn’t see the character get to use the suit in Captain America: Civil War, he’s finally going to utilize it in Infinity War, and assuming it’s similar to that of the suit from the comics, it will be glorious.

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Spider-Man is being Spider-Man just from the trailer. A key aspect of the character is taking foes head on, being scared, but doing it anyway. We see Spider-Man getting pummeled by Thanos, which is incredibly ballsy given his last face off with a villain was his Homecoming date’s father; fighting a celestial being is on another level. While the fight itself grabs my attention, the context behind it is what gets me hyped. We’re going to see Parker change, grow, and evolve in this film, and I can’t wait for what that brings to the MCU. Spider-Man is my favorite character in the universe, and I am eager to see anything featuring the hero.

Avengers: Infinity War comes to theaters on May 4, 2018.

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