Archie Comics Revives Title Created By Jerry Siegel, The Mighty Crusaders

Archie Comics made a bold move Tuesday morning when it announced the return of The Mighty Crusaders a title created by Jerry Siegel in 1965, via THR. Ian Flynn takes on the task of writing The Mighty Crusaders with art by Kelsey Shannon.

“The best of the golden age through the lens of the present. That grand scale spectacle and boundless imagination of the great old comics past mixed with the attention to character and emotional realism that we all come to expect from the stories we choose to invest ourselves in today,” said Shannon.

Archie Comics would love to compete with Marvel and DC Comics in the world of superheroes, but the first chance Archie CEO Jon Goldwater gets he takes a swipe at the big two.

“We wanted to create a book that’s accessible, not mired in a million crossovers and part of a bigger, unfolding story,” said Goldwater.

Our advice to Goldwater, produce great comic books and don’t worry about the competition. If you want to take on DC and Marvel that is amazing, more competition will only do the industry better, but don’t stare at your home run before it leaves the park. It was only a short time ago Archie Comics failed miserably at a Kickstarter campaign to relaunch the company. Focus on the heroes.

Archie Comics Revives Title Created By Jerry Siegel, The Mighty Crusaders

Goldwater states this will be a lynchpin book that he hopes will lead to spin-offs and expansion for the Dark Circle universe.

“You don’t need a Ph.D. in comics to hop onboard. Everything is explained in the first issue. These are beloved, iconic characters and it’s time we dust them off and let them shine for what they are — amazing superhero properties that deserve a bigger spotlight,” said Goldwater.

Yes, talking down to comic books fans has always worked so well. Goldwater instead, needs to give more details about the series and let the creative team involved be the face of the conversation.

The Mighty Crusaders #1 hits your local comic book store in December.

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