Dragon Age: Blue Wraith #3 concludes the series, giving each character a chance to shine, and providing us one last chance to see such vibrant artwork.

An Ending and A Beginning In DRAGON AGE: BLUE WRAITH #3

DRAGON AGE: BLUE WRAITH #3 out this Wednesday from Dark Horse concludes this dramatic miniseries. But as with any series set in this world we’ve come to love, it never truly feels like an end. Only a pause.

Dragon Age Blue Wraith #3 arguably has the best cover of the series, with striking imagery to hint at what is inside.


Dragon Age: Blue Wraith may have been a short series, but it certainly was an entertaining one. Focusing on characters from both the games and other graphic novels, this series called upon fans to further invest in the world.


You may have fallen in love with Fenris in the games, but now’s your chance to learn more about him. Both his past and his future are hinted at within these pages. It may not be quite the same, but at least it makes the wait between games more bearable.

Ouch, yeah. This certainly explains some of the issues Fenris has been dealing with.

The Writing

It’s always hard to see a series come to a conclusion, even when you know it’s coming. Yet Dragon Age: Blue Wraith #3 didn’t truly feel like an ending. Instead, it felt like a natural progression to the story.

That means there was plenty of drama and action to be found within these pages (we’re talking about Fenris, after all), as well as personal growth for many beloved characters, and so much more. Perhaps it’s because all of these changes felt so organic that it didn’t read as a wrap-up.

Our writers, Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir were careful with how they developed this series. They would have to be, given that it was only three issues. Everything fit smoothly onto these pages, and while we’re sad to see it go, it also felt right. Not that we’d say no to seeing more stories from this franchise.

Looks like Fenris is content to let his rage out as a coping mechanism.

The Art

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith #3 was a beautiful issue to behold. There were so many elements that were pleasing to the eyes in this issue, from the characters themselves to the backgrounds and the magic being flung all over the place.

Fernando Heinz Furukawa was the lead artist for this issue, providing the lines and framework for everything that followed. Their characters, particularly Fenris, had so much raw emotion to show all, all while clearly doing everything possible to bring this plot to a close. It was a case of the artwork supporting the plot to perfection.

Michael Atiyeh was the colorist, and they did a wonderful job here. We’re talking soft colors merging with vibrant hues to portray a natural world full of magic and lore. It was a perfect balance, one that made the story come to life.

Finally, Nate Piekos of Blambot stepped up to handle the lettering, and they also did an excellent job here. It was their placement that kept our eyes roaming around the pages, ensuring that we spotted every little detail hidden within.

That is…not a pretty ending for that character, huh?

In Conclusion

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith #3 was a dramatic and entertaining conclusion to this miniseries. It hit all of the right tones, wrapping up the plot while leaving it open-ended enough for fans to have hope for more. That is well suited for this world, and the characters that have been developed over several series now.

Cat Wyatt
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Dragon Age: Blue Wraith #3 concludes the series, giving each character a chance to shine, and providing us one last chance to see such vibrant artwork.An Ending and A Beginning In DRAGON AGE: BLUE WRAITH #3