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The original X-Force team from its first series in 1991 was awesome! That is the squad most traditionalists are hoping for. The mutant community is HUGE and the possibilities are endless for Hollywood and Sony. There have been numerous mutants to have appeared in the series over its initial first run and later installations of more series and spinoffs as well. With Deadpool 2 right around the corner, with Cable and Domino already cast and the rumor that three more members will be introduced, an X-Force movie is closer than we might think. If that is the case, with three characters having already been cast, consider us psychic if we picked them correctly.

A brief rundown of the team goes like this … Cable, looking to form a new team from members of New Mutants, after the group was disbanded, reorganized them as his new team, X-Force. The squad originally consisted of Cable, Domino, Shatterstar, Cannonball, Warpath, Feral and Boom Boom. As stated above, many mutants have come through the group, including but not limited to: Sunspot, Rictor, Bishop, Siryn, Wolverine, Psylocke, Deadpool, Colossus, Archangel and Fantomex. While other X-Teams believe in protecting humans from evil mutants, X-Force has adopted a proactive attitude toward mutant terrorists. Cable’s basic philosophy, “Get them before they get you”. The group’s primary antagonists include groups like, mutant-hating human militias, government agencies, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the Mutant Liberation Front, just to name a few. Let’s take a look at the original team, cover some possible guest appearances the movie might have and offer up who we’d like to see cast.

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Nathan Summers is the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor-Summers and is the leader of X-Force, having assembled the group. He must continually employ his telekinetic powers to prevent the techno-organic virus that is affecting the rest of his body to spread.

Abilities: He is an accomplished warrior, battle strategist and weapons specialist. His physical attributes have been enhanced to superhuman levels, but his principal mutant powers are his vast telepathic and telekinetic abilities. His techno-organic arm possesses even greater strength than the rest of his organic limbs. His techno-organic eye can see into the infrared portion of the spectrum.

Actor: Josh Brolin is great in everything he does. We already know that he has been cast as Cable and is set to spearhead the character in its big screen debut in Deadpool 2. You know Brolin for an already storied career with such projects as The Goonies, American Gangster, Jonah Hex, Gangster Squad, Sicario and as the voice of Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Very little is known about the early life of Domino, even her given name and place of origin are shrouded in mystery. She has a distinguished career in covert activities and missions with various organizations and governments as a freelance mercenary.

Abilities: She is well-versed in various forms of combat techniques and martial arts, while serving as a superb markswoman and skilled with firearms and explosives. Her mutant abilities are that of psionic control over probability. She can cause her own ‘good luck’, while forcing ‘bad luck’ on her opponents.

Actor: Zazie Beetz is another great actor, especially on the show, Atlanta. She will also debut her character, Domino, for the first time in a movie, in Deadpool 2, along-side Cable. Beetz was most-recently in the movie Geostorm and will be in three other projects in 2018, including Slice.


His origin is a complete paradox. He hails from one hundred years in the future in an alternate future from an extradimensional planet called, Mojoworld, which is ruled by the tyrant, Mojo. He was genetically engineered to have his powers enhanced so to compete in Mojo’s arena. He was later teleported to Earth, shortly after realizing his memories were those of Benjamin Russell, and met Cable to join X-Force.

Abilities: He is a master swordsman and has extensive training in many forms of martial arts, including that of his home planet, Mojoworld. His body was genetically engineered as he possesses superhuman strength with enhanced speed, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes.

Actor: Colton Haynes would be perfect for this role. He not only looks like Shatterstar, but he has the training and physical attributes to fit the part with his past work as Roy Harper on Arrow (53 episodes). Since then, he’s been a regular on both Teen Wolf (26 eps) and American Horror Story (8 eps). Other possibilities could include: Luke Bracey, K.J. Apa, Blake Jenner or Freddie Thorp.


Born Sam Guthrie, he garnered his superpowers when trapped in a coal mine. The stress of trying to save his friend and himself triggered his propulsive power and enabled them to escape. He was first recruited by the Hellfire Club, whose efforts aimed to take down Professor Xavier and the X-Men. After defeating its leader, Pierce, Xavier invited Cannonball to lead the New Mutants.

Abilities: He possesses the ability to bodily generate thermos-chemical energy and release it from his skin, helping him to fly. This energy, released upon his request, is accompanied by exhaust, like that of a rocket. When he forms his thermos-chemical energies, he becomes virtually invulnerable. He can generate a protective field while using his energy, which protects his skin, but he is also saved in the case of rough landings, as the field serves as a type of cushion. He also has the power to recover from mortal injuries and it is believed that he is also an External, a mutant that has the gift of immortality.

Actor: Scott Eastwood comes to mind for this character. Maybe you’ve heard of his father, one Mr. Clint Eastwood? Yeah, we thought so. He has been in stuff like Texas Chainsaw 3D, Suicide Squad and is set to co-star in the sequel to Pacific Rim, Uprising, in 2018. He’s also been rumored lately as a possible successor to Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine in future X-Men movies. If that’s the case, some possible fallback choices could be: Charlie Heaton (who is already rumored to have been cast as this character), McCaul Lombardi, Dacre Montgomery or Rhys Wakefield.

Boom Boom

Tabitha Smith developed her powers around 13-years of age. She had not gotten along with her parents for most of her life, especially after they realized what she could do. She ran away from home to join Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters under the alias, “Time Bomb”. Prior to joining X-Force, and after stints with the school, on a distant alien facility called “World Complex Headquarters”, with a group of mutant thieves called “Fallen Angels” and X-Factor, she settled in with the New Mutants.

Abilities: She can create balls of energy, which she calls ‘time bombs’, and explodes them with concussive force. She can also use the same power to make smaller, more playful sized bombs. She ultimately controls the amount of time a ‘bomb’ detonates and can muffle the sound of detonation to a limited extent as well.

Actress: Maika Monroe fits the bill for this character. She was great in the creepy It Follows, even greater in Independence Day: Resurgence and is set to star in 2018’s Shotgun. Some other top choices might be: Zoey Deutch, Samara Weaving, Ruby Rose, Cara Delevingne or Kristen Stewart.


James Proudstar lost his brother, Thunderbird, in their second mission with the X-Men. Angered by the team and especially Professor X, of whom he blamed his brother’s death on, he joined the White Queen’s “Hellions”. After coming to his senses, he returned to the reservation where his family resided. After seeing that his home was completely wiped out, he agreed to Cable’s invitation to join X-Force.

Abilities: He possesses superhuman strength, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes.

Actor: The preferred choice would be Jason Momoa, but as Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League movie, that is extremely unlikely to happen. The same goes for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who will portray Black Adam in the DC Cinematic Universe. That said, Tahmoh Penikett would make for a nice fit. He was great in Battlestar Galactica. Some other options are: Martin Sensmeier, BooBoo Stewart (who previously played this character in X-Men: Days of Future Past), Tatanka Means, Rudy Youngblood or Chaske Spencer.


She grew up in in a broken family in which her father left in New York City as Maria Callasantos. She had a sister, Lucia, who was also a mutant and many siblings. After the family disbanded, the two sisters went and lived underground with a community known as the “Morlocks”, where Maria took on the name “Feral” and her sister, “Thornn”. Shortly thereafter, Feral joined X-Force, but her sister teamed up with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Abilities: She resembles that of a werewolf and possesses enhanced strength, with acute superhuman capabilities in speed and agility and in her senses, especially those of sight and smell.

Actress: The up-and-coming Zoë Kravitz would fit this role nicely. She is the daughter of musician/actor Lenny Kravitz and you know her from stuff like Divergent, Mad Max: Fury Road and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Some other possible castings could include: Sofia Boutella, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Ana de Armas or Ruth Negga.

Now, should there be some guest appearances, some possible fan-favorite mutants that we would like to see in the movie include the folks listed below.


Roberto da Costa is the son of a deceased Brazilian millionaire and an American archaeologist. He first manifested his powers at the age of 14, in a soccer match in Rio de Janiero. Professor X, after learning that Donald Pierce and his group “Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club” were en route to kill Sunspot, he intervened and set him up with the New Mutants.

Abilities: He can navigate aircrafts as he is a highly skilled pilot. His mutant capability consists of absorbing solar energy and convert it to use as physical strength. He also possesses the abilities to physically fly and project concussive energy blasts with his hands.

Actor: Diego Boneta would be an awesome fit here. He’s steadily building a great career, having previously appeared in 13 episodes of Scream Queens. He was also in Rock of Ages and is set to be in both The Titan and Monster Party in 2018. Plan B here could be Luke Pasqualino. He was in Snowpiercer and turned in 30 episodes on The Musketeers.


He is from 21st Century A.D. of an alternate timeline in which the mutant-hunting robots called ‘Sentinels’ had taken control of North America. Mutants in these times were sent to relocation camps, where he resided. All mutants of these times were branded with an ‘M’ over their eye, hence his trademark eye tattoo. He is a timehopper and travels through time to find Professor X and the X-Men. When found, he becomes a member of the Xavier Security Enforcers or, XSE.

Abilities: He is talented in hand-to-hand combat and a weapons expert, including laser and plasma charged cannons. He possesses normal human strength, but his mutant powers consist of the ability to absorb kinetic energy and project it from his hands as concussive blasts. He can also time travel.

Actor: It would be great to see Omar Sy reprise his role as he did in X-Men: Days of Future Past. He was also great in Jurassic World. If not, Idris Elba would be an amazing addition to this cast. He already looks a lot like Bishop in his role as Heimdall in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok movie.


Originally from Ireland, Theresa Rourke, is the daughter of famed mutant, Sean Cassidy, ‘Banshee’, and Maeve Rourke. An explosion killed Maeve and most feared Theresa was in the blast as well. She was later found by her cousin ‘Black’ Tom Cassidy, a mutant, and he secretly raised her, thus to use her in various crimes. She eventually explained who she was and was reunited with her father and the X-Men. After joining the “Fallen Angels” for a bit, she eventually linked up with X-Force and became romantically involved with Deadpool.

Abilities: She has the ability to create various sonic effects through the action of her vocal cords and she also has limited psionic capabilities, which can be used in conjunction with her sounds. She also can fly and shatter any known solid substance with her ‘sonic lance’ siren call. Her sonic powers can also be honed as a sonar navigation and ranging system.

Actor: She is already on stuff like American Horror Story and Scream Queens, so she knows how to yell. How about Emma Roberts? Some of her other works include Nerve and We’re the Millers. Some other options might include: MacKenzie Davis, Hunter King, Emilie de Ravin or Abbey Lee.


J.E. Richter was captured by a subversive organization that seeks to eliminate all mutants in efforts to dominate humanity as well. X-Force saved him in confronting this group and recruited him as a trainee. During this time, he became a member of a sub-group known as the, “X-Terminators”. He later joined the New Mutants for a stint before returning to his original team, X-Force.

Abilities: He has the ability to generate powerful waves of vibrations, which can produce effects resembling those of earthquakes. He is also immune to the harmful effects of the vibrations he makes.

Actor: Diego Luna makes for a great addition to the cast. He was fantastic in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and most-recently costarred in Flatliners. Other choices for the role could include: William Levy, Blake Michael, Dev Patel or Brenton Thwaites.

Look, we know most of you want the team below, but be patient. It’s a big universe!

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