A Comic Book Luchaverse Is Coming To San Diego Comic-Con International

Chido Comics and Masked Republic, Thursday night, announced a comic book Luchaverse starring Rey Mysterio, Blue Demon Jr, Konnan, Los Cadetes del Espacio (Solar and Super Astro), and Lucha Brothers Penta Zero M & Rey Fenix.

The first book, The Masked Republic Luchaverse: Rey Mysterio One-Shot will debut at San Diego Comic-Con International on Friday, July 20. Mysterio will be in attendance according to the press release.

rey mysterio


We asked Chido Comics Founder & Publisher Ivan Plaza, what is it about Lucha Libre that makes it perfect for comic books and how you are going to take the Luchaverse to the next level?

“Well, the common answer you would normally hear is that these Luchadores are the closest thing to real-life superheroes and villains fighting in a ring. Which is true! We are going more for the nostalgia aspect of classic Lucha Libre in Latin Pop Culture. This is back when fans were able to see legends like El Santo or Blue Demon star in movies solving crimes, fighting monsters and saving the world! Mexican comic books were no different. In comic books there is no limited budget for special effects, this is why it’s the perfect medium to bring back the glory and tradition of the real-life Lucha Libre stars,” said Plaza.

Co-writer on the books, Marco Lopez couldn’t contain his excitement for the new series.

“I’m so excited to be a part of this. As a fan of wrestling and a fan of the coolest brand of wrestling native to Latin people. It’s an honor to have helped create this world and write these one-shots. Lucha Libre is beloved around the world and celebrated by so many. They’re superheroes in the ring and to their fans. We’re just bringing that passion and theatrics to the page with an unlimited visual budget. It’s gonna be a wild ride,” said Lopez.

About the series:
“A dormant and mysterious power that long ago held the fate of our planet Earth has now been released. Our legends will be put to the test, as Chido Comics and Masked Republic bring back the glory and tradition of real-life Lucha Libre stars in comic books taking on epic and unprecedented events based in our real world mixed with adventure, fantasy and science fiction!”

The Masked Republic Luchaverse one-shots are written by Marco Lopez and Ivan Plaza, with artwork by Ben Harvey and Bryan Magnaye (Rey Mysterio), Diego Simone (Blue Demon Jr), Javier Martin Caba (Lucha Brothers), and Micah Myers will letter all five books.

The Blue Demon Jr and Lucha Brothers One-Shot Specials will be available this year, with The Konnan and Los Cadetes del Espacio One-Shots available late 2018/early 2019.

What are your thoughts, are you excited about a shared Luchaverse? Comment below.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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