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Captain America fights Weapon H, Skrullduggers attempt to eat kids, Man-Thing gets supercharged, and Hulkverine possibly gets promoted as Greg Pak kicks off this action-packed issue of WEAPON H #6 with some epically brutal fight scenes that will give you a better appreciation for our up-and-coming gargantuan hero. Let’s dive in!

ART BY: Ario Anindito
COLORS: Morry Hollowell
LETTERS: Joe Caramagna and Clayton Cowles



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Weapon H 6-1


As Hulkverine was attempting to escape Roxxon, he unknowingly damaged Dario Agger’s portal to a place called Weirdworld. Roxxon has been going to Weirdworld to mine for resources, make some extra cash, and probably used this other dimension as a testing ground for experiments like Weapon H. Well, Dario Agger can’t close the portal and something called Skrullduggers, which look like shape-changing Skrull dragons, begin to explode out of the dimensional portal.

Hulkverine, a supercharged Man-Thing nicknamed Manny, and some mutated Brood alien-human hybrid work together to save this Elementary School from these shape-changing Skrull dragons who begin to morph into kids. After Weapon H slaughters a bunch of Skrullduggers, he tracks down a few of the Skrull dragons and attempts to gut them like fishes. However, Captain America rides in on his motorcycle and stops the Hulkverine from killing these things that look like kids. After Weapon H’s initial star-struck fades, he puts Cap in his place and their team up is set for the next issue!

Weapon H 6-2

Pak Man Fever

Greg Pak isn’t trying to win an Eisner or a Lifetime Achievement award with this comic, however he is trying to give his readers an entertaining escape from reality, which he does in spectacular fashion. As readers know, life can be tough and many fans turn to comics to hide from their everyday monotony.

With each issue of WEAPON H, Pak delivers melee of monstrous proportions, destructive explosions, and vicious beasts, all while creating an unstoppable Hulkverine that only appears to have one weakness: his wife and kids. For readers introduced to Pak’s Hulkverine for the first time, they can read it and say things like ”Oh $&@!” or ”That was $&@ nuts!” with sheer flabbergasted amazement.

Pak has sent fans furious action-filled suspense with a science fiction flare for six straight issues now infused with astonishing art from artists like Ario Anindito and Morry Hollowell, who did an outstanding job this issue. Pak has been continuously straightforward, directly to the point, and basically writes a fast-paced, reliable, summer blockbuster movie each month. What more could comic book fans want?

Weapon H 6-3

Artist Highlights

From out of the gate, the art by Philip Tan and Romulo Fajardo Jr is so detailed and alluring that the cover alone draws readers into the comic. Just look at the size of Weapon H thrashing Captain America. Why wouldn’t anyone want to peek inside? In addition, take a look at Anindito’s art inside the comic with his proportions of Hulkverine versus anyone else, including the Man-Thing. Anindito’s art shows fans just how large and beastly Weapon H truly is while adding so much to the legend that Pak has already created.

Next, even though the name Skrulldugger seems silly, Anindito’s art of these Skrull dragons is totally on point. These winged-creations are almost as large as Weapon H with more teeth than a Great White Shark! Don’t let the name fool you, these interdimensional dragons mean business.

Finally, Anindito’s splash pages with Captain America and Hulkverine were so incredibly detailed and crisp. These spreads, especially the last page, grabbed the reader’s attention and placed Weapon H’s immense size compared to one of the best superheroes in history. The colors were vivid and the pages were deeply dynamic. I was very impressed with Anindito’s art and I hope he stays on the book for a bit longer to see what else he’s capable of drawing. Together with Pak, these two tell a really good story.

Weapon H 6-4

Story Highlights

One of my favorite parts of the issue was something that ”almost” happened. Once Pak shows readers that the Skrullduggers can shape shift into children, I instantly thought readers were going to see Hulkverine impale a kid. Now, technically it would be a shape-shifting dragon that looks like a kid but that would have been an epic scene for Pak and Anindito to show.

Another great aspect of the issue was Pak’s portrayal of Steve Rogers. Pak writes that Man-Thing’s touch doesn’t work on Captain America because Steve doesn’t have fear. This was a cool addition by Pak that gave Cap the classic feel fans have been clamoring for now since SECRET EMPIRE. This was a nice touch by an experienced writer.

However, where does the story go from here? Cap now knows that Weapon H is not a bad guy and after this team up, readers would assume Cap would help Hulkverine stop Roxxon and Dario Agger. So, why would Hulkverine continue to run? And, seeing his capabilities, why wouldn’t Cap keep a close eye on him or possibly work with him? Pak’s current arc is fun, interesting, and brings up some great questions but I’m curious where he takes readers after these next couple issues.

Weapon H 6-5

Should you add this issue and/or series to your pull list?

Absolutely! Pak is writing an engaging and enjoyable story that’s exciting each month. In this issue, Anindito’s art was clear, vibrant, and polished. Caramagna and Cowles use their lettering experience to evenly space out the issue and make the movement from panel to panel seem easy, natural, and flawless.

Furthermore, Pak’s overall story has quickly introduced a brand new character, his backstory, and has now pointed the Hulkverine towards a purpose. If you’re interested in something quick, dynamic, and fun, Pak’s WEAPON H is for you. I’m all in on this issue and the series moving forward! Pick this issue up and add this series to your pull list. You’ll be happy you did.

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weapon-h-6-review-pakCaptain America fights Weapon H, Skrullduggers attempt to eat kids, Man-Thing gets supercharged, and Hulkverine possibly gets promoted as Greg Pak kicks off this action-packed issue of WEAPON H #6 with some epically brutal fight scenes that will give you a better appreciation for our up-and-coming...