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WEAPON H #5 written by Greg Pak, with pencils by Cory Smith drops this week as Pak gives readers some background into what makes up the Hulkverine and throws everything at the beast to see if anything can stop it. Let’s go find out!




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Roxxon has Weapon H tied up with some elvish supernatural magic since nothing on this Earth can hold the Hulkverine. Dario Agger, the CEO of Roxxon, wants Weapon H to work for him. Clay won’t work for him. So, Agger tries a lobotomy and wants to implant a controller into Hulkverine’s optic nervous system. But, the supernatural chains holding Weapon H wore off, and he’s loose and pissed!

As he tries to escape, Hulkverine comes across Man-Thing and the Brood pilot from the last issue. He frees them, and they make their exit until Weapon H runs into his wife, who happened to track him down to Roxxon headquarters. It turns out, Dario was “kind of” telling the truth. He needs Clay to be Weapon H because he opened a portal to a magical realm that could power our world for millions of years. However, he can’t close the portal, and there is a giant squid monster on the other side who wants to break through and kill the human race. So, it’s up to Weapon H to take care of this monster and save the human race!

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What I liked

Smith, Pallot, Champagne, Hanna, and Wong did a tremendous job on this issue. The art was amazing right out of the gate with the opening splash page of Weapon H chained up and alien spikes through his chest. His size is just immense, AND the amount of supernatural chains needed to hold him down are nuts! The detail by the art team creating this beast is fantastic, and the panel layout made the story easy to follow.

The issue wasn’t too wordy. Pak‘s writing was clear, precise, and to the point. His story developed naturally, and it remained unpredictable, which is tough to do in a monster story filled with nonstop action. Pak and his team aren’t holding anything back in this series. Plus, it looks like we get a fight between the Hulkverine and Captain America next issue. Who wouldn’t be pumped for that?

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There is just too much to like

Pak finally gives the reader what makes a Hulkverine. He has nanotech adamantium laced bones, Hulk DNA, as well as genetic material from Sabretooth, Wolverine, Lady Deathstrike, Warpath, Domino, and their healing factors. This dude is nuts, and Pak ties him into all of these Weapon X related characters.  This comic is so dang interesting! Pak has made an unstoppable masterpiece out of Weapon H. With genuinely untapped power, who could beat this guy?

Pak has truly made the Hulkverine unbeatable. He’s destructive, explosive, but unlike the other Hulks, he has the mind of a highly trained fighter. At this point, who knows if Banner Hulk could stand a chance? Cho Hulk would probably get destroyed easily! What do you think Pak: Cho Hulk or Weapon H? But the next issue will be the real test. How will Weapon H do against a supernatural squid monster from another dimension?

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Should you buy this issue?

Yes! It’s still a fun read filled with action, monsters, explosions, and exciting twists and turns. If you pick up Weapon H for something deep and emotional, you grabbed the wrong comic. You’ll leave this issue as well as the past issues saying, “that was freakin’ awesome!”

Should you add this to your pull list?

Absolutely! Pak is on fire with this series, and I want to know how he handles the supernatural, inter-dimensional, squid monster.  And how does Cap fit into this? Keep this train going Pak. I’m all in!

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weapon-h-5-review-power-pakWEAPON H #5 written by Greg Pak, with pencils by Cory Smith drops this week as Pak gives readers some background into what makes up the Hulkverine and throws everything at the beast to see if anything can stop it. Let’s go find out! WARNING:...