Waterloo Classic Pilsner, A Heady Review

Waterloo Classic Pilsner
Waterloo Brewing Co. is Brick Brewing Co. Ltd.’s craft beer division

Waterloo Classic Pilsner – The Brewery

Waterloo Brewing Company started out in 1870 in Formosa, Ontario. Since then, Waterloo Brewing has changed with the times and, though still brewing craft beer, is now the craft beer division of Brick Brewing Company Limited. Waterloo Brewing and its parent company have both won many awards for their brews at both the provincial and international level. In fact, Waterloo Classic Pilsner won the Gold Medal in the Pilsner category at the 2014 Ontario Brewing Awards. I’ve never been one to scoff at a pilsner crafted in accordance with the German Beer Purity Law. I decided to have a couple.

Waterloo Classic Pilsner – First Sip

As I take a big gulp of this frothy golden pilsner, I immediately taste its undercurrent of bitterness. The bitterness of Waterloo Classic Pilsner gives way quickly, though, to a semi-sweet aftertaste. Its high carbonation level accentuates its taste making it almost as crisp as a cider. The high carbonation level also gives this beer a lingering effect. Its semi-sweet flavour crackles on the inside of my mouth between each sip.

Waterloo Classic Pilsner – Last Sip

This beer’s drinkable but complex flavour make it a tough one to put down. Don’t be surprised if you feel like having a few of them. As the brewery’s website suggests, this is a great beer to have with deep-fried food, especially fish and chips or deep-fried pickle spears. As usual I suggest drinking Waterloo Classic Pilsner from a glass but because of its smooth, crisp taste it’s a beer that won’t suffer too much from being enjoyed directly from the bottle or can.


Waterloo Classic Pilsner – Other Comments

As I stated in a previous review, my regular beer is a pilsner so it’s easy for me to enjoy the finer points of this beer. It’s hard for me to imagine people taking issue with this finely tuned pilsner, though. Its complexity of flavour and well considered aftertaste make it a beer that many will appreciate.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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